Sun Youzhi squatted down to the birdbath again.
Yue Tianen and Fang Yunhan chatted for a long time, as if they were talking about something else besides that. Sun Youzhi didn’t catch it until Yue Tianen walked beside him on the third day.
"Fang Yunhan left?"
Sun Youzhi turned to look and found that his feet were numb. He beat his legs and feet for two times and slowly listened to Yue Tianen’s words, "We’ll send your sister back to the martial arts school."
Gong Sunyou wondered, "What?"
Yue Tianen said, "It’s more week over there at the martial arts school."
There are also some female martial artists in Tianen Martial Arts School, and the garrison force is stronger.
Sun Youzhi heard the meaning and said, "Grandpa, are you leaving?"
"I’m going to a thing that I’ve been looking forward to for a hundred years, and there are many outstanding people there. Maybe I can find out something similar to your sister."
For the first time, Yue Tianen patted Gongsun’s shoulder with confidence like a Han, "Stay well and wait for your sister to wake up."
Sun Youzhi straightened his spine and nodded heavily. "I know."
"Well, when she wakes up, she will definitely make us happy."
The old man grabbed his beard and smiled for a while. "Maybe your sister woke up early, so our grandsons can reunite directly in Longkou County."
Chapter 11 Longkou County
When Yue Tianen’s grandparents and grandchildren returned to Tianen Martial Arts School, Fang Yunhan also went back to Changluo Houfu.
He has heard from Yue Tianen about the Neptune Grand Challenge. How can we miss this grand event when the top fighters from all sides get together to compete for the highest honor? Fang Yunhan is not ready to stay at home.
It took him three days to train Fang Pingbo’s meridians repeatedly, and finally made Fang Pingbo’s physique reach the level of a strong adult male at the age of twenty, and then handed over those cheats directly to Fang Pingbo for processing.
According to Fang Yunhan’s arrangement, Fang Pingbo is going to practice the magic qigong of the highest day directly, and he can also pick out some confidants to learn basic skills first, but before everything, he wants them to take a few doctors to learn the distribution of meridians and acupoints well, and at least remember which acupoints can’t be easily exercised.
Because even the most dangerous authentic basic skill of Taoism and Buddhism will still leave some sequelae if it directly impacts the dead point when running breath.
Fang Yunhan has also heard two good news these days. One is that Ziyun has finally developed strength. Although that little strength to pinch three or five walnuts is almost exhausted, it has finally been officially introduced. The second is that the government has developed some effective and powerful drugs and tonics for those mutated creatures.
These drugs are hard to find for ordinary people, even if they have some spare money, they don’t have this channel at all, but it is not difficult for Changluo Houfu to get them.
The fact that mutating biopharmaceuticals has come true is also a good end for the whole Daqi.
Fang Yunhan also brought a few bottles of this new drug for preparation.
In this way, I will return to the main world, and the Arabian cloud will travel far again.
Fang Pingbo came to ask him to bring some followers or simply follow him, but they were all rejected. After all, it was a warfare competition. Who knows what will happen to Luo Houfu? When the time comes, these people will follow him, which will distract Fang Yunhan.
But he’s not going alone.
Early that day, Yue Tianen brought some young brothers with sufficient potential from Tianen Martial Arts School to meet him, and set off from Changlou Houfu for more than 30 days, riding two carriages, and even the drivers were imposing and extravagant.
Their team walked from Donghai County to Longkou County for 19 days. As soon as they entered the eastern border of Longkou County, there were still more than 60 miles from Huji County, and the atmosphere was completely different.
First of all, the most striking feature is that there are more riders.
Although Daqi has become increasingly strong in all aspects over the past 100 years, it can still be regarded as a very small number of people in the total population who can ride horses, and there are even fewer people who are really skilled in equestrian.
However, even if Fang Yunhan’s team is excluded from Dongmen Street in this city, there are less than 16 people riding into the city street without stopping in the direction of Hujicheng.
In addition to the riders, there are also people who walk with three or five people carrying a laundry list, and there are people tied into a bunch of swords, guns and sticks.
These are the tricks of selling martial arts on the street for a few times and then playing some big stones in the chest and blindfolded throwing knives. Sometimes some restaurants and shops are invited to perform, which is not so rare.
But just like riders, the proportion of these martial arts sellers is too high. Generally speaking, it is enough for a county to have five or six such martial arts sellers. If there are more words, you won’t make money and you can’t stay. Here Fang Yunhan takes a car to provoke a car curtain and looks at a street. Ten groups are rare in the past, and they all move silently, and they don’t stop because of the excitement here.
Fang Yunhan saw a high platform with a banner of Neptune’s big challenge ring when he walked to the downtown area of this city.
"Hey, didn’t you say Huji County? This is the primary election?"
When the coachman heard this, he laughed, "You don’t know anything about this."
"First, people who have won the title of Neptune can participate in the Neptune Grand Challenge. Although later, due to the consideration of the contestants from the northern desert and the western mainland, the rules have been modified. People can participate in the competition by passing the examination, but the venue for the examination is directly set up for the Grand Challenge. The Millennium Stone Stage is like a banner platform hanging in these surrounding cities to win the number of onlookers."
This coachman is a disciple of Yue Tianen, and he is not even thirty years old. He is usually quite talkative, driving all the way and making things clear here.
At that time, if you want to watch the game, you have to push forward on your own. The closer you get, the clearer you can see.
However, this kind of thing is the most likely to arouse people’s anger. It often happens that people are crowded and crowded to fight on the stage. If others are injured by mistake, more people will be involved in the fight. It even happens that there are too many people who have crossed the boundaries set by the government and rushed to the stage.
After the establishment of the Great Qi Dynasty, it was specially stipulated that the government should build a stepped auditorium, send a large number of soldiers to guard the seats, assign the number plates to the surrounding counties, and most of them set up extremely expensive cash transactions, and some of them will compete for a certain place. After winning the top ten places, they will receive the number plates.
Fang Yunhan immediately thought that this was probably also a means for the government to differentiate and consume local people and soldiers.
When the coachman saw his look, he misunderstood and said, "The world is not worried that President Chen has sent us 50 license plates, so we can get up more than enough without spending money or taking part in these competitions. We can reach Huji County at sunset today."
"President Chen?" Fang Yunhan didn’t argue when he saw his misunderstanding. "Isn’t it that the government is responsible for all these things? Why is there any president?"
"The government was in charge before, but this time the audience seat was built by President Chen himself, and of course he got some distribution power." The coachman explained that the tone became somewhat sigh. "I heard that President Chen also won the title of Neptune before going into business, and then something seemed to happen. The whole person was smashed into the mountains for a month, and his legs were ruined. This personal contribution is another way to make up for regret."
Chapter 111 Each shows his magical powers
Fang Yunhan and his team really arrived at Tianen Martial Arts School in Huji County at dusk. Many younger brothers found an inn, Bao Laiyue Tianen car, and then directly said to Yunhan, "Let’s go and see the venue first."
Because there are many reefs on the southern coast of Huji County, which are extremely dangerous, no merchant ship can land here and go to sea. A large area near the fishing place is gradually falling into wilderness.
However, recently, this wilderness has been very lively, and there are many young men and women who are decorated with expensive clothes.
The atmosphere of Daqi is very popular, but it is still rare for aristocratic women to go out in the wilderness.
Fang Yunhan and Yue Tianen walked one old and one young, so that the crowd was unremarkable.
There are still several miles across the sea, and just as you can vaguely hear the ebb and flow of tides, a magnificent building of this era is already far away.
Seen from the wilderness, it is a high wall with two ends converging to the south and the middle protruding, about 20 meters high and four or five miles long.

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