Enoch Atind, the wizard speaks slowly. It’s time to take care of Boqiang so that he can hear more clearly.
Then she said
"It is this kind of magic skin colonization that has great shortcomings. Once the self-adaptation of the magic skin colonization body is poor and the body is unable to bear the powerful power of the magic skin, the body will be overwhelmed by the force inside the body and die."
Bo Qiang organized the language for a long time and then stumbled and asked, "You mean … those three hunters will explode and die after being transplanted into the black-striped magic skin because their bodies are not so strong?"
Say this sentence completely. Bo Qiang actually breathed a sigh of relief from his heart.
It seems that I have regained my ability to speak. I never thought that language communication would be such a cool thing.
The wizard said, "Exactly."
I thought that after that night, one of the three native hunters died on the spot, and the other two lived for three days before they died quietly.
Bo Qiang asked the wizard of Enoch Atind, "Then how did they persist for so long?"
"That’s because the fiend gave a blessing of’ God Blessed Body’ during the sacrificial ceremony!" Enoch Atind pull wizard replied.
Chapter 5 Real Eyes
A bonfire rose in the fireplace in the wooden house, and a plump indigenous woman brought a pot of fragrant broth to the wizard.
She squatted beside the bonfire and always glanced at the aboriginal woman’s room and walked around with her plump body twisted until the wizard waved impatiently, and the aboriginal woman withdrew in a panic
Molly crouched on the floor like a lazy cat. Seeing this, she smiled and said to Bo Qiang, "Her name is themis, and she seems to have a crush on you."
Bo couldn’t help but turn over their eyes and didn’t pick up this topic.
The wizard sprinkled some stone powder into the bonfire, and the bonfire flame immediately showed a deep blue color.
A gust of wind blew through the flames, and the leaves hanging from the roof around the wooden house were mottled.
Bo Qiang felt that this kind of flame made him feel a little depressed in his heart.
The blue fire reflected on the wizard’s face, which made her look a little gloomy. Bo Qiang felt that the wizard might be in a bad mood, so he got up and said goodbye to the wizard.
But before Bo Qiang spoke, he listened to Enoch Atind, a wizard, asking Bo Qiang.
"Do you want to learn the sacrificial ceremony?"
Bo Qiang never thought that the wizard would ask him so directly that he didn’t know how to answer.
Real for him, of course, is welcome and asks
"Can I?"
Enoch Atind widening wizard slightly raised an eyelid that eyes seemed to be able to see through everything.
The wizard said huskily
"You are a relative of God. Of course you can."
He is still interested in these indigenous cultural powerhouses in Handanar County, and he seems a little urgent.
"What do I need to do?"
The wizard put his hand on the bonfire, and a deep blue flame jumped into her hand, as if she had life in her heart.
The wizard of Enoch Atind said, "For some people, these things may be something that their generation has also come into contact with, but for us, it is very simple because we can communicate through offering sacrifices to demons, and we can have some special powers."
Boqiang knows that "manipulating the flame" is just a small spell, and the wizard of Enoch Atind added some unknown powder to the flame, which should be a medium, otherwise the wizard of Enoch Atind could not control the fire.
Enoch Atind widening wizard look dignified to Bo Qiang said.
"Before learning the sacrifice ceremony, there is one thing you must remember clearly. When you establish a connection through the sacrifice ceremony, you must sacrifice what you need. If your demand is greater than your offering, you will become a part of the sacrifice."
Bo Qiang’s heart is tight, and it’s really not easy to control the scale of sacrifice ceremony.
Then the wizard said, "But most of the time, the value of sacrifices is often greater than our needs. You can’t expect the fiend to make up for this part. This world is not absolutely fair."
Bo Qiang can be a mechanical nodded.
Then the wizard said, "The sacrificial ceremony must first meet three conditions, and there must be an altar audience."
Next to Molly, she listened carefully. At the moment, when she looked at Boqiang with clear eyes, she looked envious.
The wizard of Enoch Atind said, "The altar doesn’t have to be a square platform. It needs to be a soul medium to build a bridge through the soul medium demon and then offer a ready sacrifice so that you can tell the demon your wishes."
She pulled out a pocket from her body and poured out some gray stone powder from it again to sprinkle it on the bonfire, and suddenly a blue flame burst out.
Bo Qiang understands that these stone powders are the soul media in the mouth of the wizard.
"Of course … generally speaking, not all wishes can satisfy you!" The wizard said
See bo Qiang a face don’t understand the big wizard explained
"Exactly what we believe in fiend can give us is very limited …"
This made Boqiang very surprised that the indigenous people believed in the country of God and God was also a weak person.
The wizard of Enoch Atind continued, "Usually the one who can give me power."
There is usually a’ god bless body’ representing courage.
Represents wisdom’ real eye’

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