Hades stepped into the Hall of Ursa Major.
Chapter one hundred and one Two Black Lotus
Da Lei Yin Temple! Daxiong hall!
Demon body Jiang Tai step into suddenly saw the huge black lotus.
"Oh?" Jiang Tai look move.
The original huge lotus has changed, and the black lotus has once again grown a circle of petals in a big surrounding shape, wrapping the original lotus up.
"Two black lotus?" Jiang Tai face a change.
Step Jiang Tai Step into Two Black Lotus
Suddenly, Jiang Tai felt that the lotus stand was more than twenty times stronger than the outside world.
"The original black lotus vitality is ten times the outside world is now twenty times? Can this black lotus continue to grow if it wants to absorb the magic gas? " Jiang Tai eyes a joy.
Stepping towards the Heilian Jiangtai Grilled Noodles Channel
In the passage, you are greeted by a huge golden lotus, a twin lotus. At the beginning, a black lotus grew two lotus flowers, one black, one gold, and the black absorbed the magic gas of Tai Hao Mountain, but the golden one absorbed merit and growth.
With all the magic, the black lotus grows very fast, and none of the golden lotus has grown yet.
The rhizome of black lotus has been separated from that seed and grown into an independent individual, continuously absorbing the magic gas at the bottom of the square cave.
Jiang Tai stepped in and entered the square, and the gold lock suppressed the cave, but at the moment, the magic gas coming in from the square was somewhat reduced compared with the past.
"Three thousand demons?"
"If the demon country stands, it is supposed to conquer the quartet in Athens! If you can take these 3,000 fierce demons? " Jiang Tai eyes narrowed-
People Jiang Tai, Bian Que and Mengmeng flew quickly to Suiyang, the capital of the Song Dynasty.
Suiyang City is bigger than the number of days. It is surrounded by a golden dragon with a huge fortune of 4,000 feet. It is like Gusu City in the sea of clouds, but it is bigger than Gusu City.
A city mansion in Suiyang city
Jiang Tai, Bian Que sat in a hall next to a rough crazy man with a full face of beard twisted pinched at the moment, "giant Terran is really troublesome for you to dress! I’m really not used to becoming a human form! "
Bian Que smiled slightly.
"Mengmeng will make do with it. Your figure is too eye-catching!" Jiang tai laughed
"Yes, we’ll wear black robes to wrap it up when we enter the shade, otherwise, even if there are hags everywhere, it’s very eye-catching!" Bian Que explained.
"Well, just wear it. You Terrans are not magnanimous at all and are not afraid of what to wear in the cold!" Mengmeng said a face of language.
In the hall, there are also several brothers of Da Lei Yin Temple.
"Master, we have sent someone to inform the princess that she should arrive soon!" A big screamo temple brother laughed
Jiang Tai nodded. "Well, are you used to it all these years?"
"Master, don’t worry, the princess has taken good care of us, and our way is very smooth. Brother Tian Er is the best. He has already received a disciple’s name’ Xuan Ci’!" The younger brother laughed
"Oh?" Jiang tai curious way
The younger brothers exchanged ideas for a while and Song Fengyi arrived.
See Jiang Taisong Feng Yi look a complex laughed "how long did this take? My console table is full of information, but you are the most. "
"I am the most? I haven’t done anything in these years! " Jiang tai laughed
"No? The sun melts the sun and cooks the sea. The intelligence of the state of Wu fights against the king of Wu and the beast mountain against the demons? " Song Fengyi laughed
"Those are coincidences, right? I really have something important to trouble you this time, and I need to catch up with you as soon as possible when we return!" Jiang tai solemnly said
Jiang Tai told Sun Fei things carefully again.
"Into the underworld?" Song Fengyi frown way
"Yes, you seem to have told me that Song Xianggong often goes in and out of the underworld?" Jiang tai curious way
Song Fengyi was silent for a while and nodded. "Let’s go. My father hasn’t returned yet. I’ll take you there at this moment!"
"good!" Jiang tai immediately should way
Jiang Tai, Bian Que and Mengmeng, wrapped in black robes, followed Song Fengyi out of the hall. There was a carriage outside and they quickly arrived at the palace.
Everywhere all guards are respectful to Song Fengyi, but people dare to stop Song Fengyi.
I went all the way to the harem and reached a palace entrance.
The entrance to the palace is guarded by a group of guards.
"Meet the princess!" The guards respectful way
"You go back first!" Song Fengyi light way
"But the princess is the king who arranged for us to stay here and not be disturbed!" Guard looks pale way
Song Fengyi face a cold stare at the guard.
Didn’t speak and the guard is a lot of cold sweat from his forehead after a while finally give in to Song Fengyi eyes.
"yes! Our horse is withdrawn! " Said the guard horse

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