Bright light spewed out from the earth and covered the sun, which generally overshadowed the sun, the moon and the stars.
Then I saw the Milky Way surging and surging, and the main light flashing with the Milky Way counterparts.
And this galaxy is not one, but two, one big, one small, one positive and one negative, which are intertwined and located on the earth, which makes the power of the galaxy rise by more than several percent.
A faint shadow of Pangu God-Man emerged quietly, and the earth gradually merged with the wind and the purple.
It’s time for the wind zichen to display all her means, and the five holy magic weapons have arrived.
Just listen to the magic weapon of the 15 th Holy Bomb, and after being weakened by the ring of the humanitarian god, it actually bombed the body of the humanitarian emperor seal.
Strong fluctuations broke out and it flew out directly.
That is to say, the main body of the human seal is made of Pangu phalanx, which is harder than the blow of the Five Saints. Otherwise, it is not as simple as tearing him off, at least it will break a few gaps.
Boom ~ ~ Lift off the five holy magic weapons after flying the humanitarian imperial seal, and then boom the defense of all souls crown, which directly tears the shelter wind Zichen’s seventy-two colors.
Then five saints’ treasures directly blasted the wind zichen.
With a bang, Zichen felt a strong attack, and her qi and blood surged all over her body, and then her body took off uncontrollably and fell behind.
He saw that the place where Feng Zichen had passed collapsed layer by layer, and he actually plunged into the virtual depth. It was a long time before he vomited blood and climbed out of the virtual depth.
But at this time, he looked miserable, vomited blood, and was covered with wounds. Blood gushed like a fountain, just as fine porcelain was covered with cracks and would break at any time.
Feng Zichen was badly hurt, as if she would belch at any moment, and barely climbed out of the virtual depths. He immediately got into the Ren Huang Temple and announced that she could not see outsiders.
And when he plunged into the virtual depths, the five magic weapons had disappeared.
As soon as Feng Zichen announced his closure, the news that he was dying was like a raging wind and waves, and it spread all over the universe in an instant.
Outsiders are shocked by the sage’s boldness and dare to make moves on Ren Huang.
And the terran …
It’s an undercurrent when the Terran learns that Ren Huang is seriously injured and dying.
Especially those with ulterior motives, but they found the opportunity. The Terran performed one drama after another, which was really a wonderful performance.
Anyway, after the news of Feng Zichen’s injury, the whole universe can be said to be a floating heart.
What is Feng Zichen doing in the Imperial Palace at the moment?
He heals?
No, he cried pain!
He’s not hurt at all. Treat a fart injury
It’s really strong for the five saints to strike together, but after so much strength weakening, how much can there be left?
Playing the wind, Zichen said that it was an exaggeration to say that it was itchy, but it didn’t do him any harm. It beat his blood and blood and flew him out by the way
Besides, Feng Zichen’s roots were not hurt, but it hurt a lot.
It is natural to pretend that he will behave so miserable.
The saints are willing to shoot at him. If Feng Zichen doesn’t show a little sadness, how can the saints sing when they receive the drama?
The curious sage gave him a look, and Zichen naturally cooperated with "seriously injured and dying"
He will be interesting to see what the saint will do next.
At the same time, the five saints are obviously not very beautiful.
How can they pay nothing for Ren Huang at its peak?
Soon after they attacked Feng Zichen, the powerful anti-itself came.
Power itself can be shattered without being put in the eyes of saints.
But the karma itself is a headache for saints. If they ignore it, their brother will be hurt.
The sage Niandi took a block and saw that their feet were covered with broken merits and treasures.
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-three God-sealing side
Karma is miraculous, but it is not impossible to deal with it.
Merit is the nemesis of karma.
Consuming merit can offset karma.
This time, the five saints can be described as blood in order to offset the karma caused by the attack on the killing emperor
The scattered merits and spirits are evidence. It can be seen that the body and light of those merits and spirits have become dim, which is obviously a spiritual slump.
What’s more, the body is full of cracks, as if it would break at any time.
The reason for all this is that they have achieved merit and offset karma, which has been exhausted.
Virtue runs out of these magic weapons, and the spiritual power naturally drops, which is even more damaging. Even if they can be repaired in the future, they can also be lost to ordinary magic weapons and lose their reputation as spiritual treasures.
And these merit treasures are almost all the treasures of the five saints. After this time, they will have no more than two or three merit treasures.
Hundreds of millions of years of collection, once cleared, is not a small price, and it is difficult for the five saints to feel dreary.

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