Liu Yao is not angry with Xia Zhu. "Xia Zhu is Li Youchen. Why don’t you expose him?"
"Expose him? It’s not good for us. Since he doesn’t admit it, send someone to keep an eye on him. "Xia Zhu said and called the model manager.
Only after asking did I know that they recognized Li Youchen as a male model. The interesting thing is that he was strongly recommended by his famous model.
To put it bluntly, buy one get one free. If you need a big model from someone else’s company, you have to wear this person, and all the conditions are good, so you bring it here.
Chen Chen Xia Zhu sneered at a change of medicine, and even didn’t bother to take a better name
Let Liu Yao send someone to keep an eye on this morning and not allow him to make mistakes before she can rest assured to manage her link.
Although I have been hanging on my heart, the whole big show was successfully completed, which surprised Xia Zhu. Is it because they really mistook one for another or that Li Youchen now wants to be a model and has no revenge?
That’s weird. Everything is incredible.
At the end of the whole activity, Xia Zhu invited everyone to have dinner together to celebrate the arrival of the male model named Chenchen.
When Xia Zhu went to clean, he followed him out in the morning. Xia Zhu turned around and saw that he was not surprised. It seems that he explained it.
"Director lea, thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in such a big show today. This is the first time in my life to show myself in front of so many celebrities and big coffees." Chenchen smiled shyly.
This smile is not quite like Li Youchen Xia Zhu’s trance again.
"I heard that you recognized me as another person today? Is this really the case? " Chenchen is curious to ask
"Yes, he is also a model. His name is Li Youchen, and he looks very similar to you." Xia Zhu said.
"Are you? But when I saw assistant Liu’s expression today, she didn’t seem to have a good impression of that person? " Chenchen continued
"Yes, fortunately, you are not him." Xia Zhu guessed that he was not going to admit it.
"Oh really lucky" Chenchen laughed.
"It’s nothing to go back and continue to play with everyone." Xia Zhu is not going to wave with him.
The big show is over, no matter who he is, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t get into any trouble
But Chen Chen didn’t let her go, but stopped Xia Zhu again. "Director lea, I really have something to talk to you about. Can we talk alone?"
"I’m sorry, if it’s business, you can go to Liu Yao. If it’s private, I don’t think we have anything to say." Xia Zhu doesn’t want to make friends with this person.
"Actually, I was introduced by Liu Ying. She said you would give me more work if I picked her up," Chenchen said suddenly.
Xia Zhu one leng Liu Ying? God, it’s another person I haven’t seen for a long time, but this person has been a great help to her life.
Do you know Liu Ying? Xia Zhu was surprised.
"I’m embarrassed to say that she and I are a little related." Chenchen gave a quick laugh.
"Really?" Xia Zhu relaxed somewhat alert "is she ok now? Is it convenient for you to contact her now? "
It can be seen that Xia Zhu was very happy to hear Liu Ying’s name, but she didn’t particularly believe it because she had no way to connect with Liu Ying.
"Sure," Chen Chen glanced around, "but isn’t this a good place?"
Xia Zhu went with him to the quieter hall and found a place to sit down.
Chenchen didn’t hesitate to call Liu Ying, but no one answered.
"My aunt may be bathing the baby at this time. Let’s wait." Chenchen began to talk about the current situation in Liu Ying.
After she got married, she almost gave up her career. She has a pair of lovely twin children who are very busy every day.
"Didn’t she hire a nanny?" Xia Zhu thinks this is not Liu Ying’s personality.
Chapter sixty-seven I have paid attention to you for a long time
In Xia Zhu’s impression, Liu Ying should still have a heavy career. She can choose to get married. She must have met true love, but she chose to give up her job. This is strange.
Even if you have twins and need someone to take care of them, you can hire a trusted nanny, right?
Xia Zhu looked at the male model in front of him who looks like Li Youchen in nine points. If he took off his makeup, he might be very similar.
"My little aunt was very determined when she married my little uncle, and she almost bled to death when she gave birth to a child. In the end, although she picked up a life, her body was not as good as before." Chenchen continued, "She will recuperate in the next two years, but you know it is really a very painstaking thing to take care of children, so she has never been able to recuperate well."
It turned out that Xia Zhu nodded, but she didn’t know exactly how tired it was to take care of the children. Because Xiao Maodou was weaned for lack of milk in less than two months, she had been drinking milk powder since then, and Yani had become her nanny at the age of 14 or 15.
Now, if you think about Xiaomedao, it seems that Yani raised her in one hand, and she is especially incompetent as a mother.
Two people were just talking. In the morning, his cell phone rang, and he was chanting, "My aunt called."
Xia Zhu was nervous for five years and didn’t hear Liu Yingyin. She was really excited.
"Hey, little aunt, guess who I’m with now?" Chenchen said
"My little aunt is so busy that she is sweating. When do you sometimes help me with my little brother?" There is a woman’s voice over there
Xia Zhu carefully distinguishes whether it is Liu Yingyin or not.
"Aunt, I’m here with Director lea," Chenchen said.
Then he handed the mobile phone to Xia Zhu. "Hello, Director Liu, long time no see, I still miss you."
"Xia Zhu? Is it really you? I knew you would achieve great success. Congratulations, so many years of hard work have finally succeeded. "There is a child crying in Liu Ying to distinguish her voice."
"Thank you for hearing that you are now a full-time mother at home. It seems that it is not very successful." Xia Zhu was not too embarrassed to say anything more when he heard the child crying.
"Yes, I’ve had two people in my life. It’s so busy." Liu Ying was panting and didn’t know what to do.
"Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the children for you." Xia Zhu was embarrassed to bother her again.
"It makes you feel good. It’s just after the start of the morning. Take him more often in organic conversation. Of course, if you think he’s not suitable, don’t be too reluctant." Liu Ying said as if he was busy with some children and kept crying.
"Well, the child is crying so sadly. Director Liu, you’d better take care of the baby first." Xia Zhu felt that the child seemed hungry.
"I’m hoarse now, too. Then I’ll do it first and then I’ll contact you sometimes." Liu Ying said and hung up.
"It’s not easy for my little aunt to go to her house. She holds the baby in one hand and washes the milk in the other, and then her feet are still shaking a cradle. It’s really a heroine among women," Chenchen praised.
Well, it makes Xia Zhu feel less like a mother. She seems to have no such experience.
"lea is in charge of my modeling field, and I hope you can recommend me if there is an opportunity." Chenchen is also polite.
"Actually, your own conditions are not bad." Xia Zhu also praised.
Now Xia Zhu also understands why there will be such a strong recommendation backing in the morning and morning, and Liu Ying has also played a great role
"Go home with his colleagues." Xia Zhu’s attitude towards him has also improved a lot.
After Chen Chen went back, Xia Zhu lost in thought. Was that woman really Liu Ying just now?
I don’t know what. She always feels that something is wrong with the other party. It’s too noisy. She can’t hear clearly. Besides, Liu Ying said that she was hoarse, so she can’t hear clearly. It’s been five years and too many changes.
But just to be on the safe side, she called Kate and asked him to help her investigate the current situation in Liu Ying. It would be better if she could get the contact information.
Kate also knows that Liu Ying seems to have completely withdrawn from this circle after she got married. Now there are not many people in the world, but Xia Zhu will try his best to find him.
In fact, it seems that the morning talk has some credibility.
Forget it. Who cares? Xia Zhu thought about calling the driver again and told Liu Yao that she had gone back first after she walked out of the hall.
Liu Yao said in a low voice, "Xia Zhu, as soon as you went out, that Li Youchen followed you out. Be careful."
"He has gone back, please pay attention to it for me, but don’t be found." Xia Zhu also said in a low voice
"So he really came to see you just now?" Liu Yao was surprised
"He said Liu Ying was his little aunt." Xia Zhu felt that all this was amazing.
"What?" Liu Yao feels incredible.
"Say hello to everyone for me. I’ll go home first. See you in the day." Xia Zhu was a little tired.
"Good" Liu Yao said and hung up.

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