The peasant army will gain twice the strength advantage of Song Jun in the local battlefield, and it can successfully seize the initiative of war.
After discussing the specific strategy, there is nothing we can do about whether the four reorganization divisions of the peasant army, three attacks and one general reserve and left-behind troops can be the best.
After careful consideration and arrangement, Zhao Yucheng decided to let Lu Chengren lead the third division to stay in Nanchang.
He personally dispatched and led the main force of the peasant army to fight against Song Jun.
Lu Chengren agreed to accept the life, and Xu Tong and Zhang Xiaohu accepted the life without objection.
However, Xu Tong was a little irrepressible when he was assigned, and he wanted to give a little opinion on this strategy.
He wants to lead an elite army to sneak attack Ezhou by land and split up by water.
"The most convenient road to Jiujiang and Ezhou is naturally the waterway. We know that Song Jun also knows that they must work hard on waterways, and Song Jun has always attached importance to the water army, even the river army. I am afraid it is also a bit effective.
So take Jiujiang first, then Ezhou, and face-to-face battle with two Song Jun will certainly win, but it is also enough for Xiangyang army to react and launch support. If Jiujiang army supports it for a little longer, our advantage may not last.
If our army wants to gain an advantage against Song Jun, it’s natural to have more recruits in the field and more veterans in our army. In this case, if we can defeat the two armies in Song Jun in World War I, we can directly cut off the Xiangyang army’s retreat and provide no food!
How long can more than 40,000 people of Xiangyang army eat horses and chew when the route for providing foodstuff is cut off? Not to mention that the army of Henan Corps is crushing Xiangyang between Scylla and Charybdis, and it can’t succeed if it wants to hold on, so Xiangyang will break Beijing Lake and I will get it! "
Xu Tong pointed to the map from Nanchang to Ezhou and expounded his own ideas.
His suggestion is very bold.
For Xu Tong’s bold idea, Lu Chengren first said that he did not support it. He felt that the number of troops he could lead around the mountainous area was relatively small, and the logistics supplies could not be guaranteed. Even if he could successfully reach Ezhou, the troops were exhausted.
How can we fight then?
Zhang Xiaohu doesn’t support it either. He thinks this action is too risky.
Not to mention whether Song Jun will be defeated. Before the main force arrives, Xu Tong is equal to his own thousands of troops facing Song Jun’s 30,000, which is nearly ten times worse. If the first world war cannot win the base, it will be the end of the army.
Lu Chengren and Zhang Xiaohu don’t support Xu Tong’s idea, and several instructors also hold a negative or unsupported attitude, all of which think it’s too risky.
Now Zhao Yucheng is left.
Zhao Yucheng stared at the map for a long time and looked at Xu Tong thoughtfully for a while.
"Do you want to reproduce the results of your previous attack on Lin’ an?"
Xu Tong nodded his head.
"Before I attacked Lin ‘an Song Jun, there were tens of thousands of imperial guards guarding Lin ‘an, not far from Lin ‘an, and there were two garrisoned troops more than ten times as many as me? Nevertheless, no Song Jun has taken the initiative to attack me since I attacked.
Even when I was ten miles away from Lin ‘an City, there was a Song Jun coming towards me, but before the war, he turned around and left until I withdrew, and he didn’t appear again. I dare to defend Song Jun and dare not attack.
Later, in addition to the meeting, I also thought about what I could do to Lin ‘an, but Song Jun didn’t dare to confront me along the way. I found that maybe they didn’t know from the beginning to the end that I had 4 thousand troops and I brought tens of thousands of troops to dare not confront me. "
"But you can’t compare the situation in Lin ‘an with the situation in Ezhou now."
Lu Chengren or opposed said "not afraid of ten thousand and afraid of one thousand! Our current situation is to be a stable word! "
"The battlefield competition ratio is who is more courageous than who is more unexpected than who!"
Xu Tong firmly said, "The more unexpected, the more you can disrupt the enemy’s arrangement and achieve the maximum results at the minimum cost! Otherwise, the advantage of 10,000 to 100,000 is not us! "
Lu Chengren is still opposed to continuing to persuade Zhao Yucheng to come out and end the argument between the two.
"It is not wrong for Lu Shishuai to say that there is nothing wrong with marching and fighting without stabilizing the rear."
Xu Tong also wants to say what was stopped by Zhao Yucheng’s hand.
"But the chairman once told me that the battlefield is changing rapidly, and no one can predict everything on the battlefield, and soldier Han Xin can’t fight. The key point is to make fewer mistakes and let the enemy make more mistakes."
Zhao Yucheng looked at Xu Tong and said, "I support you in your plan. Go ahead and give full play to your talents. I’ll set you a way to conquer Ezhou and cut off Xiangyang’s big commissary. It’s up to you. I’ll support you as soon as possible in Jiujiang and Song Jun."
Xu Tong leng leng and then overjoyed.
"So much the better!"
So this plan was decided to increase the possibility of Xu Tong’s successful attack on Ezhou. Zhao Yucheng asked Xu Tong to lead less than 5,000 troops, and he could choose soldiers who were strong and agile.
When Xu Tong was almost ready for Su Yonglin’s order, it was sent to Zhao Yucheng.
"The chairman agreed to our plan and will dispatch the troops of Henan Corps in due course to coordinate with us to stabilize this war!"
Zhao Yucheng’s confidence increased so much that Xu Tong led five thousand elite to set out first and start trekking in the mountains to reach the scheduled attack position as soon as possible.
Zhao Yucheng, on the other hand, led more than 55 thousand soldiers to form the main fighting force, and began to March in the direction of Jiujiang in more than 600 large and small ships.
Zhang Xiaohu, commander-in-chief of the Fourth Division, was appointed as a pioneer to lead an elite vanguard army to clear the way because of his bravery.
Chapter 127 This is to buy yuan?
The Southern Song Dynasty tried to launch the fourth encirclement and suppression war, but it did not start.
Because this so-called fourth encirclement and suppression war actually became the initiative of the peasant army, the goal was to completely break the Jinghu theater in the Southern Song Dynasty and cut it into two strategic attacks.
The nature of this war was different when Zhao Yucheng decided to take the initiative to attack.
Zhao Yucheng led an army to attack on the sixth day of March in Hongwu five years.
On the ninth day of March, Zhang Xiaohu, the commander of the fourth division, led the vanguard to raid De ‘an and kill Song Jun. He took the initiative to get a good start and pulled out a military stronghold in Song Jun.
On March 11th, Zhao Yucheng led the main force to defeat duchang county by waterway, destroyed more than 40 ships and captured more than 50 ships, and then the army landed on the beach and successfully captured duchang county, winning another victory.
On the same day, Zhang Xiaohu Pioneer Army raided Nankang Army, set up Jiujiang Army in Nankang Army area, and Zuo Jun broke the array to cut more than 600 people and captured more than 1,300 people.
On March 12th, Zhang Xiaohu soldiers pointed to the new bridge.
On March 13th, Zhang Xiaohu Xinqiao broke Jiujiang Army, and another army in Zuo Jun killed more than 400 people and captured more than 1,500 people to win.
On the same day, Zhao Yucheng, the main outpost of the peasant army, approached the Hukou area and conducted some investigations on the Song Jun Navy in Hukou area.
On March 14, about 60 ships of the peasant army water army raided the Hukou area of Song Jun in the early hours of the morning, and the water army rocket attacked Song Jun. Song Jun arranged a water army in Hukou area, defeated and burned more than 30 ships and captured more than 60 ships.

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