Border grazing opened his mouth a face of disbelief "isn’t it? Is there such a charter? "
Quietly read Sun Haobian’s novel in the water source and said, "Why don’t we just let Boss Sun stay inside for a while?"
Bao Ketu "Don’t die, don’t die. If you dare, you and I won’t participate, it’s not as simple as a board."
Poseidon opened his eyes and showed his eagerness.
Bianmu nutty nutty mouth didn’t good the spirit ground say "little girl you dog silly? I’m not afraid to tell your boss that the longer you stay in this water source, the greater your loss will be. Hey hey, I’m going to exchange your interests for the safety of the dog, okay? "
Poseidon opened his mouth wide, and an expression of consternation appeared.
Edge grazing a wink and went into the water and said, "What is the eldest brother eldest brother water? Water is the mother of life, and water is the most basic food for all ethnic groups. How can you not drink water if you want to understand water? Quietly reveal a secret, this water is a big supplement. "
Just like King Kong Tai, the pure water source in the Milky Way is indeed a great supplement. It is absolutely beneficial for Sun Hao to absorb it for his own practice.
However, this water source is condensed from the hardships of Poseidon. Usually, Sun Hao is really not suitable for forced plunder.
Border grazing seems to know what Sun Hao thinks, and he whispers, "This entangled state will consume a lot. If it consumes a third, they will naturally extract a violent one. When the time comes, Poseidon should be able to recover. To be more precise, it means that Poseidon can never recover the form of a beast."
Sun Hao’s mind is moving and grazing, and he is born with magical specific induction ability. He escaped from the board this time, and he tried his best to think of ways for himself. That should be it.
Sun Haoshi also has other ways to peel off the water source, but since Bian Mu has come up with a feasible plan and Poseidon has come to herself, it is her fault to try to dissolve herself and take some of her sources herself.
It is said that if Poseidon had not lured himself here with ulterior motives and tried to be devious, he would not have had such a good chance to get water perception, and he would not have had such a good chance to collect water now. Is this another kind of opportunity?
But think about it, it may also be accidental and inevitable.
What seems to be an accident may actually be inevitable. Because the imaginary world can not help the Godsworn Poseidon, and Poseidon’s present state has really suffered a big robbery. Her will is being impacted by the wild will of the Taoist beast, and it is very likely that she will really know what the final result would be if she didn’t appear on her own.
Sun Hao nodded slightly in the water to show that he knew.
Sun Hao should not find himself in trouble after the border grazing is completed.
Sun Hao sits cross-legged and truly understands the nature of water.
Poseidon is right. This water has a strong specific solubility, and even if it is too old, it slowly dissolves in this water.
But Poseidon doesn’t know that this water also has a stronger ability than life, which can constantly nourish the monks.
Of course, if the monk’s strength is not up, it will not benefit the water-raising ability. Sun Hao is strong enough to control this ability, and the supplement far exceeds the dissolution consumption
I want to dissolve myself, but Poseidon thinks too much.
And Poseidon’s proud absolute wall is also true for Sun Hao. If Sun Hao is imaginary, there are at least four or five ways to break the wall if he wants to.
Sun Hao’s office is not moving here, but he really wants to see Bauxitu’s decision and choice.
Fortunately, Bauxitu didn’t let himself down. From beginning to end, he didn’t hesitate to take his side categorically.
This is something that makes Sun Hao happy. After all, Bao Ketu is still his own hardcore brother, and I don’t know how many times he is better than Andy’s 25-year-old boy.
Water capacity, water perception comes to my mind little by little. Generally speaking, the two most fundamental attributes of water are the two characteristics shown by Poseidon, the ability to nurture and destroy, and the unpredictable temperament shown by Poseidon at this time
Yes, life and destruction are well reflected in Poseidon, and representing the avenue is these two aspects.
In addition to these two general directions, there are many special characteristics of water properties, such as softness, rigidity and impenetrability, such as being cold, moist and moving in the direction.
During the battle between Sun Hao and Poseidon, Poseidon showed many fighting abilities, which is the best embodiment of water characteristics.
And Poseidon represents the avenue, which naturally means that the body should have the place of heaven, and Poseidon is also a Taoist beast.
While enlightened Sun Hao, he absorbed source water into his body to practice according to the theory of border grazing.
In terms of quality, the source water of giant jellyfish is actually condensed gradually over a long period of time with incomparable energy.
The solubility of source water and absolute barrier light also come from this powerful energy accumulation.
Sun Hao once broke the crystal square shield and the sand body in Mengla, and once defeated the blood of Yin and Yang, so the so-called absolute barrier of giant jellyfish could not stop Sun Hao.
If Bauxitu had a bad idea, it would be simpler and more direct for Sun Hao to deal with this matter, and it would be easier.
If you really tamper with it, Sun Hao can crush the whole water source forcibly, which will make him practice nutrients. I believe that Sun Hao will get a greater chance. Now Sun Hao needs to collect one-third of the source water according to the border grazing method before helping Poseidon.
In this way, Sun Hao gains a little, but he can teach a sea god that the foundation will not damage the roots of the sea god just right.
Chapter DiErSiWu Stripping water
Sun Hao in Poseidon’s mind is fierce, but after entering his own source water, he will be fascinated and his bones will be gradually dissolved, which will be faster if he has Bauxitu’s help.
Intention is always beautiful, but reality is more cruel.
Poseidon’s good wishes have been broken again and again, and a border shepherd can come in and out at will, saying that he can bring Sun Hao out at will. Suddenly Poseidon knows that his plan will eventually fail.
However, the idea of Poseidon at that time was that once Sun Hao came out and turned against each other, everyone could fight. The beast was also a Mahayana monk, and now Poseidon is really not afraid of monks, including Zhan Zu Sun Hao.
Sun Hao didn’t come out to stay in the water source, but he wasn’t afraid of his own source water. He knew it was terrible when it dissolved.
For a long time, I knew that I was powerful and became Poseidon himself.
She never thought that Terran Zhanzu was actually stronger than the source water, but she was also able to ingest the chaotic source water.
This is amazing. It seems to her that the most powerful water in the sky is chaotic water, which contains unparalleled fertility and destruction. The energy contained in a drop of water can make all females of a race pregnant and make a race instantly flooded.
It never occurred to her that a monk could ingest chaotic water into the body as if the intake speed was not slow.
How is that possible? Is Taiti really that fierce? Poseidon really didn’t know that King Kong’s body would be so severe. If she had known this, she wouldn’t have rashly led Sun Hao here.
She hid a very important message in the exchange of information with Bao Ketu, that is, she has the function of dissolution and inclusion in the soft channel of spiritual practice, and the biggest feature is that she can melt along with the powerful creatures of refining and chemical industry and become a part of her own respect.
Her body can grow from a weak jellyfish step by step. In this state, a statue is stronger than bringing its own heavenly beasts, and it can also practice to the Mahayana monk root. Or the basis for development and growth is solubility.
It was after she dissolved many powerful creatures step by step that she gradually grew to this point.
However, at this height, it is becoming more and more difficult for her to make progress, because powerful creatures are becoming more and more difficult to deal with and the number is getting less and less.
Moreover, after reaching this height, all powerful creatures are already sophisticated, but none of them will be so easily deceived.
The first reaction after she woke up was not regret or revenge, but digestion and dissolution to plot against herself.
Unfortunately, although the border shepherd is magical, there is nothing earth-shattering. The fighting capacity base is just a special one. It is Sun Hao who makes Poseidon shine at the moment. This is a monk who is full of future and has a strange practice.
If we can devour this monk and deprive Avenue of its own strength, we may be able to go up a storey still higher.
It is based on this idea that Poseidon condescended to ask for a Mahayana monk to condescend to Bauktu and became Bauktu’s little wife.
She really wouldn’t be able to see this little octopus if she didn’t have an ulterior motive. Of course, this kind of emotion is the most mysterious and unpredictable, and it has really become a Taoist couple’s contact for a long time. Plus, some spiritual will from Bauxitu really made her move unconsciously, and she quietly accepted her identity.
Even if the great monk accepted his new identity, his original intention remained unchanged, and Poseidon finally waited for the opportunity to strike a fatal blow.
Actually, for Poseidon, the virtual robbery is the physical robbery.
Poseidon’s positive identity is a virtual world, and the monks of Daneng Town, a clan of all nationalities, represent the interests of many nationalities.
At the same time, Poseidon is still a Taoist beast who undertakes the important historical mission of cleaning up the sea clan field for Heaven. It is in line with her dual will to call Sun Hao for help at this time.

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