That eats food.
I just ate the rice and asked after a few warm words.
"Sister, what time shall we go to Tan’s house?"
"Don’t go if I go with your brother-in-law later," said softly.
"Ah?" The warmth is obviously not white.
"Ah what? We need to talk about you. Do you think it’s appropriate for you to be there? If you’re not afraid of embarrassment, just go "gently and lightly" and then lower your head to eat.
Looking at the gentle expression with warmth, then he said with a hey hey smile, then I won’t go. I’ll wait for the news. I’m still sleeping here tonight.
Gentle …
Teng Yun …
The so-called room is big anyway.
Is it gentle to look at warmth and drink porridge? Girls can’t help frowning. Every family, you have to have a meal. Will you be so greedy when you get to your husband’s house in the future?
Warm …
"You don’t know what your husband’s family is like? If your mother-in-law sees you eating like this, she will faint with anger. "
"ah? Then do we have to live with our in-laws? " I really want to live outside with two people.
"I should know your husband’s family like this."
You can’t eat with instant warmth
"But that’s actually mainly depends on Tan Wen." Gentleness finally added.
Teng always sits by and eats without talking, but he thinks what his wife and adults say is very reasonable.
But I don’t know how tenderness works.
"Can I take my brother-in-law car to class later?"
"Yeah, anyway, your brother-in-law has to send me first. You’re not afraid of being late."
Warm …
"What time is it now, Uncle Butler?"
"Seven fifty-five"
"Oh my god can’t come, can’t come …"
Warmth said to finish the porridge in the bowl as quickly as possible and then jumped up.
Gentle nai sigh finally laughed.
"Why do you suddenly tell her that you are actually late …"
"Although it is, you can’t always go to work in your car, just once in a while. It’s always like this, and people will gossip."
"I’m curious about one thing," Mr. Teng suddenly asked, looking at his wife with his hands folded.
Gentle lift eyes looked at Teng always so begging eyes looked at his ears some itch.
"You ask"
"Why did you suddenly promise to be warm and gentle?"
Gentle eyes a lag and then low eyes looking at a bowl of porridge.
"It’s like you are unkind to people, but I’m the one you care about the most." Being gentle and gentle is exciting.
She knows him because he knows something.
It seems terrible, but it is also very simple.
"To be honest, I was angry when Tan Wen said that night that he didn’t know if he would go for a generation, but then I thought that when we first started, we were actually unknown about the future and we were not sure that we would go with each other for a generation."
"You are not sure."
Teng always said and then picked up chopsticks.
Gentle chuckle a nod to promise.
"Yes, yes, I didn’t think about it myself. I’m not always a worm in Teng’s stomach. I can’t blame me."
At noon, Teng Yun met Liu Yuping when he was eating in a restaurant. Liu Yuping asked for a package from a group of leaders, but when he saw that he was going to package with several guests and Han Xi, two groups of people came together.
TengYun hands ChaDou high cold there looking at that recently look a little bad’ uncle’ coldly looking at his face expression is also cold as if to see is not familiar with strangers.
"Teng always eats here, too." Someone spoke first.
"Yes, Zhang Bureau has not seen the glow." Teng Yun also made a polite smile at the corner of his mouth.
Is finished immediately put the smile is so cold.
Everyone laughed and knew that he had just married a little wife
Teng Yun took another look at Liu Yuping and said to the person in front, then we have to talk about some work. Please excuse us first.
Several leaders gave way to him, and he seemed to be high above pride and indifference, and the king strode up the stairs.
Han Xi didn’t talk behind him, but looking at Liu Yuping’s face also knows that Liu Yuping is probably having a hard time.
Moreover, after their company left the guest, Liu Yuping just looked up and saw that everyone was watching him.
"Liu, what’s the matter with you and Teng? Just like manager Teng didn’t see you. "
"Is it true that you two are at odds outside?"
"Liu, that’s why you’re wrong. Teng is so generous and humorous, but you’re lucky to have such relatives."
"It’s just that we can’t ask for this blessing."
"Brother, I advise you that no matter how beautiful a woman is, you can sit in that chair and make you comfortable."
Liu Yuping was right, but he swallowed this evil spirit?

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