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MuQingFeng see wuxian magistrate so angry smile "trouble wuxian magistrate zheng big eyes to see those refugees outside the city gate what’s the matter? Just this afternoon, I saw a soldier blocking your order to beat the refugees. I almost forgot that it might be a gangster in your eyes! "
Fang Qing-sha and Zhuo Nong-yue both recovered from their injuries when they were grasping each other, so when they gave Wuxianling and Mu Qingfeng a quarrel.
"What virtue is Wang Ren in Nanyue? It’s not that I don’t know what happened yesterday. It hasn’t been long before I was afraid that you would make the same mistake as Wu Daren! !” Muqingfeng’s reason and tide wait for no man’s mouth. It’s a shame to scold Wuxian’s order.
"You little rabbit cub shut up for me! You know nothing! " Wuxianling couldn’t help swearing. "I don’t know if it’s expensive. What do you know from a northerner? Why do you and I control the refugees to the door and not let them in? "
"I’m all ears to see what reasonable explanation Wuxian Order can give me," Muqingfeng said with a smile.
"The old Wu Xuelin worked so hard for such a long time in Changlin county magistrate’s position that he dared not say that the road was not picked up and the night was not closed. At the very least, everyone could have food and clothing. Where did I know that Liangzhou’s sudden natural disaster caused many people to be displaced?" Wu county magistrate said leisurely.
"Wuxian asked me not to listen to your great achievements. I just want to know what the refugees at the door won’t let in and what they have to kill!" Mu Qingfeng doesn’t care about Wu county magistrate’s words at all
"Smelly little you don’t be so aggressive. Let me ask you something. Now you are the county magistrate of Changling Town. What are you going to do? Give me a suggestion. If it makes sense, I’ll do as you say! " Wuxianling threw the ball back.
"That also asked the summer officials to see refugees starving. I naturally put food in relief! At the very least, not let them starve to death in the outside "MuQingFeng answer without thinking.
"If you don’t lie, you should see me set up a porridge shed at the gate, right? That’s not a disaster relief. What is it? "
"You are an old thing and have the cheek to say that I took one look today and found a few rice in the bowl. Is that also called disaster relief? If you really want to let them in, at least there is a shelter from the wind and rain! " Mu Qingfeng became more and more excited.
Hear MuQingFeng fell into his trap Wu county magistrate laughing face upwards "good! According to what you said, I will let the victims in. I don’t know what the magistrate will do next. If you want to talk, I will kowtow to you and plead guilty! "
"That also asked at that time to arrange accommodation for their food …" MuQingFeng said not to go.
"Why not say? Young county magistrate? " Wu county magistrate with disdain "said not to go? Come on! I’ll help you! So what if I put food in the warehouse? Tell me where the food comes from. ! You know, although we are located on the edge of Liangzhou, we have also suffered disasters. If it weren’t for my treatment, we would still have some experience. People have some food at home and now they have to beg! Where did you get your food for disaster relief? I’ll tell you! That’s because I borrowed it from a grain merchant in the city in front of my old lady! They also have a family and a mouth, so they can’t always give privately, can they? Coupled with the increasing number of refugees, it is very rare for you to see a few grains of rice in the bowl! " Wu county magistrate’s words are exactly what Muqingfeng thought when he was speechless just now.
"Then you won’t apply to the level? I found out early in the morning that there was a disaster relief in the imperial court! " Zhuonongyue couldn’t help but put in a word.
"Little girl very not sensible, do you know what is goose plucking? ! If the governor of Liangzhou and a bunch of officials can honestly deliver food to the victims, how can so many refugees starve to death! Come and see if there is anything valuable in the old lady’s house that you can exchange for food. You can take whatever you want, even the old lady’s head is fine! " To the dark officialdom doorway wuxian order is furious.
This sentence is true. Muqingfeng listened to the teacher say that the summer officialdom was dark, and then look around. Wu county magistrate’s family was poor, and his anger filled his chest. Muqingfeng calmed down a little.
"Then why don’t you let them go to town? You know, I just saw a victim’s mother this afternoon because her child almost died because she couldn’t get into town!" Muqingfeng spoke his second question.
"It’s no wonder that you are kind when you are young. I heard the captain of the guard report to me today that someone was making trouble at the door. It turned out to be you. I don’t care about it because of your kindness. I asked you how big Liangzhou is and how big our Changlin Town is. How long do you think we can support it if I let people go in willy-nilly?" Wu county magistrate said a word to the point.
Mu Qingfeng’s face is so ugly that he only thinks about helping refugees but forgets that Changlin Town is such a small town that it will definitely become a disaster if he keeps putting refugees in it.
"It seems that you are too young to be stupid." At this time, it’s Wu County magistrate’s turn to sneer. "Regardless of how long our food can last, even if there is more food, there will be a day to eat. Then the refugees will definitely clash with my people. Please tell me if I really kill the refugees or my own people at that time. ! Or sit quietly and watch the tigers fight, and finally the old man will kill himself and thank God? !”
Muqingfeng is completely talking about Wuxianling, saying that these things really haven’t been considered by himself. It seems that Wuxianling is really not a corrupt official who has lost his conscience.
"Don’t talk? Know where you are wrong? Aren’t you going to beat me up? " See MuQingFeng no longer words nature is to know that he wants to see.
"Little gift misunderstood Wu’s adult, but also asked Wu’s adult not to remember the villain and forgive me for my recklessness and impulsiveness." It is Muqingfeng’s greatest advantage that since he misunderstood Wu’s county magistrate, how to make a gift is just an initiative to the end
"Come on, you little stinker, don’t scold me for being an old deathlessly." Wu county magistrate was generous enough to forgive Mu Qingfeng. "You are not the first person to cling to the Jianghu like this."
Say that finish wuxianling looked Fang Qing evil spirit didn’t expect to draw chess fairy to Fang Qing evil spirit was wuxianling this look incredibly embarrassed to see him nao nao head finished just tough guy.
"Don’t Fang Dage also come to find you?" Muqingfeng saw a few silk clue carefully asked
"This big head is really a big head. Just like you, he came to my house one night and said that he would kill me. I asked him what he said, and he actually said that heaven is right! If it weren’t for my touts to send me books and report the disaster relief situation, by the way, maybe the old guy who ate would have gone. "Wuxian made some anger and stared at Fang Qing evil spirit."
"Didn’t I apologize to you that adult? You must care about every word."
"Don’t care? At the very least, these two young people know how to ask you what to do without saying anything. They kicked down my door and kept saying that they would do good for heaven! " Wuxian county magistrate didn’t even look at him.
"I was wrong. I was wrong. Not yet. I reinstalled it for you." Fang Qing evil spirit repeatedly begged for forgiveness.
I didn’t expect the iron tower to have such a side, but it’s not surprising to think about what the other half of the Tang Dynasty is worried about.
Now that the misunderstanding is solved, everything is easy to say that Wu Xuelin, the county magistrate, is doing well, so he is not shy about these Wulin people, so after a big fight, everyone sits at the table of Wu County magistrate’s house
Mu Qingfeng finally knew what happened to the bandits in Wuxianling’s mouth. It turned out that many refugees rose up because of natural disasters in Liangzhou, but some rebels were fine, but more harmful to the people. According to Wuxianling, several towns around were attacked, which was not bad. The result was as devastated as locusts. Changlin Town was the richest town around, so the martial law was so strict sooner or later.
"Those bandits is not some refugees? How can it be so big? According to say "MuQingFeng asked some doubts.
"Who said it wasn’t?" Wu County Magistrate sighed. "But there are refugees and victims in these bandits, and there are some places where wandering soldiers are scattered and brave. Seeing the chaos in the imperial court, I don’t know why the old man always feels that they are marching in a well-organized way, as if someone is in command!"
"Is it NieYing son? !” Muqingfeng’s face changed greatly. When he heard someone directing Muqingfeng, he suddenly thought that there would be more trouble where there were them in Charm Pavilion.
"Young see you, do you know anything? Might as well say it out to the old man. "As fine as Wu county magistrate, he naturally found an exception."
After hesitating for a while, Muqingfeng told Wu county magistrate what he knew.
"These scum for fear that our summer is not messy enough! What charm pavilion? I think it’s just a group of wolf ambitious guys! Don’t fall into the hands of the old lady, or I will definitely punish them! " Wuxian made Hu Qi shake a shake.
"I’ve heard the name’ Charming Pavilion’ for a long time. If I touch it, I’ll definitely see a killer and save them from harming the people!" Fang Qingsha pinched his fist and rattled. If someone appeared in front of him, it would be difficult to protect his nickname.
"Thanks to your news, I recently received a report from the scouts that the bandits might come to attack Changlin Town these days, and I’ll just see that this charm pavilion is sacred! Since you are here to deal with them, don’t go and deal with this situation with me. " Wuxian made an olive branch to Mu Qingfeng and Zhuo Nongyue. Anyway, now there are many hands and strength.
"The elders dare not resign!" Mu Qingfeng accepted the job very happily.

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