"This place is not just a place where you can get your hands on a monk in infancy. If you want to live, you should leave quickly." This is an old man with a dark face. At this time, his mouth is full of majesty.
"The Taoist friends you and I appear here at the same time. It’s not too much for you to monopolize, is it? {”
Xia qi hand mouth is very polite.
Because Xia Qi didn’t feel the danger from now on, it was a coercion to Xia Qi. Obviously, he wanted Xia Qi to retreat and didn’t want to kill Xia Qi.
"cultivate immortality in the world strength and if you meet others directly will you kill you can be like? Young people don’t provoke me to leave patiently or don’t blame me! "
The old man shook his head slightly and sighed, and then sternly shouted at Xia Qi and Li.
At the same time, a powerful momentum emanates from the old man’s body and directly covers Xia Qiru’s mountain coping, giving people an illusion that it is difficult to breathe.
Xia Qizhen Yuan suddenly flows in the meridians. Zhenyuan roars like a raging river, and Ma Benteng blocks this momentum.
But at the same time Xia Qi face a change!
Xia Qi sends out vinegar to resist the old man’s momentum. Instantly put away his eyes and wander over the side.
Xia Qi suddenly stopped and gave up resisting the old man’s coercion, and his face changed greatly. In the eyes of the old man, Xia Qi couldn’t support himself and felt afraid.
"I’m in a good mood today. If I don’t shoot you, leave quickly."
This old man is interesting, as if he were a good man. At this time, he waved to Xia Qi, but he didn’t mean anything.
"Thank you for your kindness."
Xia Qi bowed his hand and really retreated directly.
Xia Qi, who retired from the mountain, was calm and looked at the right side of this mountain.
Just running the Five Elements Method, he actually felt that the Five Elements Method seemed to have mysterious induction in several places here, and the nearest one was on the right mountain peak!
Chapter three hundred and twenty-six Five Emperors JueXue
Chapter three hundred and twenty-six Five Emperors JueXue
If the induction is looming, if you don’t meditate, it’s hard to detect Xia Qi. At this time, the eyes light up slightly.
Since this place is inherited by the five elements’ ancestors, the five elements’ methods must be connected, which can cause the five elements’ methods to move. Maybe it is a treasure.
Just like this, Xia Qi didn’t care about retreating directly before the old man.
At this time, he went straight to the right to sense the top of the mountain, and went to the robe to hunt and take off, looming like a fallen fairy in the fog.
This is a slightly low mountain peak, surrounded by lush trees and fairy fog, with an attic hidden in it, which makes people look like they are in a fairyland at first glance.
It’s a fairyland, but it’s quiet and weird, and there’s no biological movement
Xia Qi swept the gods and didn’t notice the difference. Xia Qi went straight to the front of an obscure attic at the foot of this mountain.
He felt that mysterious fluctuation was emitted from this!
This is an ordinary attic, and it seems to be a little dilapidated. Many places have been corroded and dusty, which will be overlooked at first glance.
"Crunch …"
Xia Qi pushed the crumbling door and made an ugly noise, which broke the dead silence here.
As soon as I stepped into it, I immediately left a footprint in the room. Dust raised and Xia Qi frowned slightly.
This place seems a little too ordinary …
As soon as Xia Qi thought about it, he immediately ran the five elements of mind, and the strong fluctuation emanated from it enveloped the whole attic.
In Xia Qizhen Yuan’s attic room, the first console table, an ancient jade, gave off a faint luster to light up the room.
Xia Qi did not hesitate to look at this ancient jade in his hand.
Gu Yu’s roundness is very moist in his hand. At the moment, the dust is all gone and the luster looks good.
Xia qi god knowledge carefully toward the ancient jade exploration.
He guessed that this ancient jade should be remembered for something.
There is no accident that the gods entered the ancient jade, but Xia Qi’s figure suddenly shows ecstasy in Zheng’s eyes at this moment, and there are more unbelievable colors!
"It was the avatar! It is no wonder that the Five Elements Sect has dispatched so many elites to ensure that the Five Elements Sect’s achievements here cannot be leaked! "
Xia Qi suppressed the ecstasy in my heart, firmly remembered the message in the ancient jade, and then directly crushed this ancient jade into glittering and translucent powder with slight force in my right hand.
Then Xia Qiteng rose and slapped this attic directly into pieces, leaving no trace of his visit and turning to leave quickly.
Until the peak Xia Qi heart still some excitement.
In addition to the five elements, the five elements are the roots, and there are five unique schools, but the five elements dominate the heavenly roots!
These five unique and five-element mental methods are well-known in the whole cultivation world with poor power!
And just now Xia Qi got one of the magical powers in ancient jade!

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