Then move forward quickly.
What if Lazio doesn’t come?
Then Barcelona can keep the football on their feet in the middle and back court and then move forward slowly.
The extraordinary tacit understanding and excellent personal skills of Barcelona players push the football forward a little and put pressure on the other side.
At the crucial moment, Barcelona also has Messi, a player who has the ability to attack forward.
In Guardiola’s view, this Barcelona team is more perfect than Lazio in a sense because it can not only organize the ball, but also solve the battle superstar Messi by one person.
It is a real team and individual team.
If it was five years ago or seven years ago that Changsheng saw his opponent do this, he would let the team shrink and wait patiently for the opponent to attack in his backcourt.
But doing this now
Not because the former scene is not good-looking.
But because it is meaningless.
So when Barcelona returns the ball, it always beats Lazio, pressing one layer after another, pulling it up like origami, layer after layer.
Very coherent is a connected whole.
Changsheng doesn’t know what Barcelona means by coming back?
He knows too much!
Because he always plays this trick before.
At first, he returned to the goalkeeper’s foot after playing the final of the King’s Cup in Hertha and Mallorca.
Then the goalkeeper showed the football to the central defender, and the Mallorca players didn’t come to Hertha, two central defenders, so you gave it to me and I gave it back and forth for ten minutes!
It’s insane!
In comparison, Guardiola Barcelona has much more moral integrity.
This kind of reply has one purpose, that is, pulling the opposing players out and pulling the opposing formation is like a net. You shrink into a ball and naturally there is no gap, but if you pull the net, you will get a lot of meshes. This is the pawn.
Barcelona is pulling the net now.
Generally, if the team knows what the other team is doing, they will try their best to avoid being dragged out of the success.
Changsheng knows very well, but why did Lazio get dragged out anyway?
Because Changsheng knows that Barcelona will be more cautious if its own people don’t go and find opportunities.
It is very difficult to get the football when it is in their backcourt.
It is rare for Barcelona to be directly countered by the other side for losing the ball in the backcourt.
They defend well and are currently the team with the least goals conceded in La Liga, which is due to their excellent ball control.
Guardiola brought everything he learned in Lazio to Barcelona.
Around Chang Sheng, he deeply understood that control can be used not only for attack but also for defense.
How can they lose the ball when the football is always at the foot of Barcelona?
It is necessary for Barcelona to deliver the football. When the football is here, when Barcelona must speed up the attack, their football will be more easily broken.
Because the pressure will increase when the attack advances to this place, the accuracy of their catch is also very high
This does not mean that this is a trap for Lazio against Barcelona.
There is no sure way to break Barcelona’s foot ball. Lazio will play football and they will have a good chance to score if they control it well.
But it also increase that chances that Lazio will break Barcelona’s goal.
Although it will be dangerous, it is indeed the best way.
This is the first difference between Changsheng and Guardiola.
Guardiola stressed that control is safer because of this.
However, Chang Sheng believes that football needs some risks, especially when the situation can’t be played, and Chang Sheng is also very clear that with the success of ikiaka, more and more teams will develop this tactical response against Barcelona. When you face the iron bucket array, you must take risks, otherwise it will be killing time to entangle with the other side and then let the other side come back.
Guardiola also asked him, "Aren’t you a conservative?"
Chang Sheng replied, "I am a realist. For me, conservatism cares more about me, and I take risks when I am conservative."
Rudy Gonzalez commented on "In short, there is no moral integrity."
Changsheng stared his one eye.
Lazio rushed to Barcelona and sure enough, the horse responded.
Instead of going back, they turned the football to the side.
After pulling the Lazio formation from the depth, we have to continue to pull such a net from the width, which is finally presented to everyone as a real net with eyes everywhere …
Lazio is also very obedient, and the winger followed suit.
See the goal has been achieved.
The football fell to Boots’s feet.
The former Barcelona goalkeeper Carlos Boots Kessler is an actor in the eyes of many fans because of that performance.
But for Barcelona, Boots is very important.
What can be said that Guardiola Barcelona is so powerful? Just because they have a Boots.
Compared with Rijkaard Dream II, many positions have not changed much. The most significant change is that the central defender recalled a Pique midfielder, selected a Boots right-back and bought Seville full-back Dennis Alves.
This dream is based on the foundation of three teams.
Boots Cox is very important in midfield.
He has excellent defensive ability, but that’s not what Guardiola values about him. Guardiola appreciates that he is a superb ball dealer. He has the ability to transport football forward. He can defend and attack in series into an offensive and defensive hub.
He added an extra ball point in midfield.

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