And even if someone provokes the blood phoenix demon emperor, at this time, she is looking for someone who dares to provoke the blood phoenix demon emperor to slay several people who don’t bother Xia Qi.
The flaming chariot roared all the way, crushing the virtual space with flames, which attracted the attention of many immortals.
However, no matter who it is, even the five elements of the holy brother saw it, he was afraid to go near the flame chariot. It was too fierce.
Of course, along the way, there are also people who are out of sight.
Several shogunate brothers, probably Zhou family members, seem to recognize that this flame chariot is a desperate rush to snatch things around Zhou family members.
The result is naturally miserable than
Some blood phoenix demon emperors were directly burned into fly ash by a phoenix fire before they got close to the peak shogunate brothers of these immortals.
Even the bags were burned, so it can be seen that the blood phoenix demon emperor was overbearing.
However, it can also be seen that the strength of the blood phoenix demon emperor has recovered a lot during this period, especially with the help of Xia Qi Kirin, the strength of the blood phoenix demon emperor has recovered faster.
"I feel the breath of our Phoenix clan ahead."
Walking in a dense jungle, the blood phoenix demon emperor suddenly sank his mouth and his tone was very heavy
Strictly speaking, the blood phoenix demon emperor is not a pure phoenix clan, but a variation of the phoenix clan. However, the blood of the phoenix clan is rare and rare, and the blood phoenix demon emperor is also a phoenix clan.
At this time, I feel that the Phoenix demon emperor is naturally in a bad mood.
Xia qi several people also know that blood phoenix demon emperor mood didn’t speak quietly followed in the front.
I don’t know how long it’s been since no one came to the dense jungle to cover the sky, and it’s depressing to walk in its darkness.
But soon Xia Qi several people view suddenly changed.
Over the jungle, it appeared in front of several people in Xia Qi. It was a volcano and an erupting volcano. The flames were rolling and the magma was hot, forming a magma lake.
The hot air rolled against my face.
"What a strange place"
Jade bell exclaimed, looking at the place where the flames are rolling and the magma is endless, while the outside is dense jungle, she felt very surprised.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three Magmatic lakes
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three Magmatic lakes
The hot breath came to my face, and when I looked around, all the red magma gathered into a lake, and the red mans shone like a falling sun.
"I, the strong Phoenix clan, fell on the surface of the magma lake."
The blood phoenix demon emperor closed her eyes slightly and felt for a week or so. After a moment, she opened her eyes and saw the phoenix burning, and suddenly stared at the lava lake.
"On the magma surface"
Jade bell looked at blood phoenix demon emperor, pointing to the magma lake slightly surprised way
It is impossible to be so surprised if the peak state of Yuling Tianxian in an ordinary magma lake is repaired. She is surprised because the boiling magma in this magma lake is not ordinary magma.
This place is an active fire vein, which gathers fire forces all the time and then condenses into magma, erupts and gathers into a lake.
Ordinary magma, whether it is Yuanying period or distracted period, can easily shuttle through the magma without any injury, but the magma in this lake is not to say that Yuanying is a strong fairy realm and a strong fairy realm, and a careless one may be directly melted by this magma.
I was surprised to know that this magma is horrible and jade bells.
"We Phoenix are waiting for us, so it’s best to fill such a fire vein, and it’s best to practice in a place that is not afraid that I can sense that the bones of our Phoenix are still on the lake."
The blood phoenix demon emperor slowly stared at the magma lake and his eyes showed sadness.
There is no doubt that exploring this place where the strong phoenix clan fell, the blood phoenix demon emperor will certainly benefit a lot and restore a lot of strength, but the blood phoenix demon emperor would rather not have such an opportunity.
Phoenix clan is rare, and every phoenix is precious. It is responsible for the race. The blood phoenix demon emperor is the same as the phoenix clan, and it can be regarded as the ancestor of the phoenix clan. Naturally, he doesn’t want to see his people fall.
After all, the Phoenix clan claims to be immortal and can be reborn constantly, which is extremely difficult to completely kill, but it is precisely because of this that it is extremely difficult for the Phoenix clan to give birth to offspring, each of which is precious.
"Come on, let’s find out."
Xia Qi in blood phoenix demon emperor and jade bell, Gu Yue didn’t interrupt when talking, but has been injecting magma lakes. At this time, he suddenly opened his eyes and flashed Jing Mang with a little joy.
"What did you find?"
Gu Yue is very sensitive to see Xia Qi expression and guess probably immediately asked.
"It’s very lucky this time. If I hadn’t made a mistake, the fire pulse here has already been born. If I can seize a point where the foot deifies."
Xia qi’s face lit up with smiles
The birth of spiritual fire pulse is definitely a top treasure for Xia Qi, and the strength of the point will immediately skyrocket.
"Didn’t the blood phoenix predecessors find it?"
Gu Yue asked curiously just now that the blood phoenix demon emperor is just like Xia Qi, but there is no reason why Xia Qi is more sensitive than the blood phoenix demon emperor.

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