Ink dust cold snorted "I don’t know what role the magic pavilion played in it"
Lan Yi heard that "Lingdan Pavilion has only recently taken the initiative in Tian Shu Palace, but it has not been done once or twice. Since the Yuwen family gradually let Tian Shu Palace Pavilion be in power, this kind of thing has not happened less."
Ink dust eyebrows slightly wrinkled "others are trying to grasp all the power in their own hands. How can the Yuwen family still put it?"
Hu Qing picked up the glass in front of him and took a bite to drink the wine in the glass. "It should be that there are several wise bodhi old zu in Yuwen family who predicted that Tian Shu Palace would go through the dilemma of prosperity and decline, so they retreated."
Ink dust slightly failed. "So those old people finally waited for the chance to turn over, but they didn’t know they were scapegoats from Yuwen family."
"Can’t say it’s a scapegoat." Lanyi got up and poured the glass for Hu Qing again. "The tree is full of dead branches, but it is not necessarily the Yuwen family. Perhaps it is to see that Tian Shu Palace should no longer be the former Tian Shu Palace in the eyes of the world of mixed yuan, so as to avoid being scapegoated by some people, they will choose to retreat."
Mo Chen pondered, "The incident between Yuwen Haojie and Cang Shuo won’t be a good show jointly performed by Yuwen family and Jiuchongtian, will it?"
Hu Qing’s eyes rested on the micro-ribbon of Momoka wine. "On this issue, it’s not that they directed the scene. It should be that they didn’t act according to each other’s play. They wanted to see Yuwen’s family and ascended a pair, but they didn’t want them to be silent in that matter for more than two thousand years. Why do you want to make ascended a row with Yuwen’s family? It’s necessary to think about it."
Lan Yi’s eyes flashed, "Who is behind Lingdan Pavilion?"
Hu Qing’s look is slightly heavy. "I’m not sure if I must have it with the people behind Lingdan Pavilion, but it can be inferred that someone doesn’t want to have a good snow day."
Wen Yan Lan Yi and Mo Chen said with different mouths, "Do you mean that the real purpose of that incident is to overthrow the world of mixed yuan?"
After that, the two men looked at each other, and then Mo Chen continued to ask, "If it’s because I don’t want to make Snow Girl Day better than if they knew that she would definitely enter the cloud nine?"
Hu Qing answered, "There is a person who especially likes to join in the fun in ascended a cloud nine. It is Mu Tianxuan’s friend. With this nosy person, Mu Tianxuan and Ying Xue are bound to enter ascended a cloud nine. That person is also a good abacus. If ascended a cloud nine becomes the greatest help, not only Mu Tianxuan should remember that he loves Ying Xue, but also his adoptive father must receive his affection.
But he didn’t know that ascended a was actually created by his adoptive father, and that several sworn enemies of his adoptive father knew that Ying Xue was going to re-enter reincarnation. It was not difficult to find out where she would be reincarnated, and it was not too much unexpected news for him to do those things without authorization. "
Ink dust eyes slightly stare "ascended unexpectedly is Buddha created? !”
Lan Yi was also full of surprise. "It turns out that the Buddha is the cloud nine and the wind is easy to change …" He blinked. "Why didn’t anyone think of this?"
Hu Qingxiao: "Adoptive father never wanted to deny that identity, but no one has ever asked him too much. His sworn enemies are probably happy to see others suffer big losses in his hands because they don’t know. He can hide it so well, thanks to Yi Chen’s ability to play his nine-year-old face vividly."
After hearing Hu Qing’s words, the ink dust face hangs up and hides the fighting spirit. "Did you say that Yi Chen is the god of war? How can he help to play the Buddha? "
Hu Qing replied, "He was adopted by his adoptive father like me."
LanYi corners of the mouth float a trace of ridicule "if there is a true dragon with Yi Chen, some people there will be miserable. Who doesn’t know that the North Buddha is the most justifying a fault once it is confirmed that the dragon side will be earth-shaking?"
Hu Qing sneered, "Even if there is no Yi Chen event, the dragon side will be earth-shaking. At the beginning, there were many people involved in the calculation of snow, including the calculation of chaotic double-benefit oolong and Ying Long’s calculation of the former dragon emperor. Anything that was put out was enough for them to die several times."
Speaking of which, Hu Qing suddenly sneezed. Lan Yi and Mo Chen both froze. Then Lan Yi laughed. "It must be that Ying Xue complained that you didn’t give her a message."
"It’s time to meet her." Hu Qing picked up the hip flask next to her and waved it. "She gave me no wine at the beginning and just found the spirit beast. The time is just right, and Mu Tianxuan has many unknowns. At this time, I need to answer questions for them."
Chapter 325th Rebirth Dry Yuan Truth Revealed
Adult soul beasts are very difficult because they devour and assimilate beasts and at the same time they can deify them. If you don’t know how many beasts a soul beast has swallowed, you can’t predict that it will make an attack method. Hu Yingxue was injured several times because of misjudgment.
However, it is easy to deal with the soul beast larva, but it was not given the chance to possess it before. Fortunately, Hu Yingxue was accompanied by this natural nemesis, and the gold directly grasped the key of the soul beast and let it escape. Otherwise, if we want to destroy the soul beast larva today, we must sacrifice someone to fight the beast.
Looking at some gold in Hu Yingxue motioned to kill Yu Wenchen, the soul beast larva, he was relieved. "Fortunately, this thing doesn’t stick to people."
Hu Yingxue turned to him and said, "Soul beasts don’t stick to people because they regard human natural enemies as meeting people. Even if the strength is different, soul beasts will attack regardless and never die."
Yu Wenchen heard this and asked, "What?"
Hu Yingxue replied, "I don’t know. I only know that the spirit beast is particularly keen on attacking people. If someone is present, demons and beasts can attack them in any way to make them focus on their personal attention."
"It seems that I have to consider raising a few war beasts." When talking, Yu Wenchen’s eyes rested on the golden body, and his eyes were full of envy. The light flashed and finally he swallowed the words to his mouth.
Yu Wenchen, the official of Yuwen family, is not ignorant at all. He knows a lot about Hu Yingxue. For example, there are two big dogs around her. Although she is from an ordinary family, she is a rare soul-eater. The other one has the pedigree of a high-spirited dog. Because of what she knows, Hu Yingxue will never sell some gold. In his opinion, Hu Yingxue should not want to see the quiet and golden money that others covet.
At this time, Yuwen Haojie suddenly said "get ready"
When I heard Yuwen Haojie’s words, the Yuwen family turned their eyes to the direction of the crack. At the same time, according to the strength and strength of the team, they put on a good fight posture. Hu Yingxue and others followed Yuwen Jianxing where Yuwen Jianxing went, and they were there to prepare for the fight.
As soon as Hu Yingxue summoned the Five Lingjian, he found that the aura fluctuation in the crack became more violent. The streamer in the crack flashed more frequently and stared at it for a few more times, and he felt dizzy. After a while, there were more small eddies in those streamers, and as those eddies increased, something appeared that was pleasing to the eye.
Hu Yingxue, the first monster to show his figure clearly, frowned. "Why is it a worm soldier again?"
"The spirit beast just ran out, and it’s normal for the worm soldiers to run out." Mu Tianxuan injected the sword into the hand’s thunder and fire-fighting rainbow sword to make Gu Zhuo’s blade immediately dazzling and compelling. "Whether it’s the worm soldiers or not, we know their weaknesses clearly."
"Say yes," Hu Yingxue raised the five spiritual swords here and threw out a sword after saying his word. Gang will swoop down and intercept the two insect soldiers.
Compared with the insect soldiers who just came through the time gap, the insect soldiers are very weak, even the insect soldiers who have appeared in the dry world are not as good as those who have been hiking for a long time, and their eyes are bright and frightening, just like seeing a meat beast.
Hu Yingxue soon found that the insect soldiers who came out of the cracks were different from those who had been exposed to them before. They had a very strong ability to regenerate. For example, she just cut off two broken bodies and put them together, and then they became a complete individual again. Those limbs that were cut off just grew back in a moment.
These magical powers are very familiar. The root is that Monty once gave several people a headache. Those magical powers can’t be more serious with their familiar features. After that, they can immediately confirm that the worm soldiers in front of them are Monty’s kin. Think about Monty’s last words. He really said that it was not an empty word. The Zerg really appeared again.
I’ve seen Zerg people who were born in Ganyuan World and participated in the battle of besieging Monty. Hu Yingxue and others were born and raised here in Hunyuan World and rarely came here. People who walk around this place have never seen that there are no soul beasts and Zerg in front of all the foreign monster atlases.
Yuwenchen fought off a few insect soldiers who pounced on him at a young age, and then he croaked and asked, "Who can tell me what this is?" Why haven’t you seen it in the foreign magic atlas? "
Almost bound by two white silk threads spit out by deformed multi-claw insect soldiers, Cheng Xun followed suit and cried, "What the hell is this?"
"I don’t know if I have seen it." The custodian of the garden waved the wooden staff in his hand and immediately there was a green light that enveloped everyone in the place.
I heard that some practitioners who are relatively weak have become confused when their heads are covered by green light, and their heads are instantly restored. When they feel that their heads are hard-working, they will see that there are already two or three bug eyes watching them, and they will stick to themselves and speed up their hand attacks.
Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan took a look at the custodian of the eyes and then looked at each other. If this is an online game, the custodian of the eyes is absolutely decisive. The powerful nurse has such a trump card in the field of not only ignoring the zerg’s sonic waves and consciously attacking the wood properties, but also weakening the other party’s combat effectiveness.
Like the spirit beast, the Zerg belong to the nether world, and it can be seen from the fact that the Zerg never let the woodcutter become their kin that there are many words in their wood. They are full of vitality for wood, and they don’t leave any plants in the place where the army of monty worms and soldiers passes.
Because of the fear that the Zerg will attack each other when they find the wood repairer, these four words can definitely achieve their goal when the Zerg are alive. They are really afraid of sacrifice and make sure that the protection of the jade is their biggest obstacle, so they give up attacking other people and rush towards the protection of the jade.
With rich experience in zerg warfare, Hu Yingxue and other ascended men expected this after the Protector Bi made moves. Before others wondered how they suddenly changed their positions, they saw the sword shadow all over the sky and suddenly became crazy and unknown monsters.
Yuwen family deserves to be the first noble family in the mixed world. Although Yuwen Chen and others were a little dumbfounded because they didn’t understand the fighting style of ascended a cloud, the horse came to its senses and the hand attack became more intense out of pride.

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