"Joined the amethyst skeleton is not only hard than the body, but also has the attack characteristics of epidemic magic. I didn’t expect Bubai to refine these bones and completely change their breath.
The original Qin Chu is going to mix these thirteen bones with some amethyst to make them into magic puppet skeleton soldiers. Qin Chu specially let Xiaobaili soak a rich vitality in it. The nature of vitality in Suzaku Danding belly is different from that of ordinary vitality. Once these thirteen bones are taken out, Qin Chu will be amazed.
After Suzaku Dan Ding condensed, the hardness of the skeleton has reached an amazing level. Qin Chu star saber tried a Qin Chu without strength. Although star saber is not as overbearing as Hussein’s sharp strength, its destructive power is amazing. However, star saber can’t leave a trace on this skeleton after luck!
This is several times higher than the hardness of Zhentianyin! Because even if Zhen Tianyin didn’t go through complicated sacrifice practice, cutting off the sword would leave eye-catching marks!
In this way, these thirteen huge bones can rely on their own toughness to resist enemy attacks! Qin Chu considered whether we should get them some weapons, but after seeing a pair of huge bone wings behind them, he gave up his own thoughts. In fact, what weapon can be more handy than their sharp claws and the hard and sharp bone wings behind them?
Thirteen bones have become thirteen good ones. Lei Qin Chu improved the undead magic. Although these thirteen huge bones will give people a strange feeling, they can’t say that Qin Chu is a necromancer.
Because the breath from these thirteen skeletons is not rich and dead, but pure and noble and holy!
"After this, it is called Thirteen Pacific Insurance." Qin Chu gave them a name with nine. In fact, he is very bad at naming. This can be seen from the name of Suzaku Danding called Xiaobai. Qin Chu pinched the treasure collection and decided that the thirteen Pacific Insurance body quickly became smaller and became thirteen little things. Then Qin Chu put it away.
Want to be handy to make thirteen Pacific Insurance Qin Chu need to keep practicing sacrifices. Because of the appearance of thirteen Pacific Insurance, Qin Chu has found another way to control Lei. In fact, Qin Chu has been able to refine his external incarnation. His spiritual practice has reached the fitting period. Even so, there is a great limit to refining the external incarnation, which is first manifested in the number of external avatars!
Qin Chu can cultivate an out-of-body avatar. Of course, the out-of-body avatar is not the Thirteen Pacific Insurance. This kind of thing with little technical content can be compared with the out-of-body avatar. To a great extent, it is another living body. The out-of-body avatar has the feeling and strength, but it can’t do such things as giving birth.
Although the quality is high, there is no way to change them. They are low-level Lei quality. Because the Thirteen Pacific Insurance can accept Qin Chu’s control, without Qin Chu’s conscious control, the Thirteen Pacific Insurance will immediately become thirteen huge alternative skeletons, while the external incarnation is different. It is actually a part of Qin Chu’s consciousness. Although it is controlled by Qin Chu, the external incarnation can be independent without Qin Chu’s conscious control.
Qin Chu can take away these strange red stones around him and suppress the gods. I think there must be something extraordinary about these stones.
"Master, let’s teach Alice an enemy first." Ulu quickly suggested that Alice is the name of the red bear. Ulu fully waved his cheeky characteristics to tie up the name of the red bear and then called it Alice as a friendly friend.
"Well, well, Qin Chu wanted to think pomelo is also a little curious about Red Bear’s enemy.
Red bear smell speech a face of caper ulu excited grin around the red bear cow force coax way "Alice, don’t worry later I will make it regret not to return to its mother’s belly! How did it bully you before? I will definitely help you double it back! "
I heard Alice rolled her eyes and looked at Ulu directly. This dwarf bear is not only annoying but also likes to brag!
When Ulu saw Alice, he was annoyed that he was so despised as a druid. Damn it, I must prove to you later that Uncle Ulu is the most powerful bear!
Alice leads the way in front, and Qin Chu follows behind, taking advantage of the opportunity to constantly practice the thirteen Pacific Insurance in her arms. Alice leads the way along the way, and it’s not very strong to walk up. Ulu keeps rubbing his hands behind and thinking about how to be the most handsome when I meet Alice’s enemies later, so that Alice can shine at the moment.
Alas, the distressed Ulu was caught up in this tangled problem and kept thinking all the way, did it directly kill each other by magic? This may be too cheap for him, but it’s really not cool enough. Well, maybe we should break his limbs before? But isn’t that cruel? Alice certainly doesn’t like blood. "
There’s a shout ahead. The flowing water is no longer dull and hot, but refreshing.
Alice envied, "Look at the environment here."
It’s near the river, and the temperature is relatively low. Animals living here can drink sweet river water at any time. With water, many animals will naturally gather here, and it is not difficult to find food here.
But this place has been occupied by another powerful guy! That guy is Red Bear’s enemy, a giant iron-backed lizard!
"Be careful, this is its lair. What it does best is to hide itself and like to sneak attack by surprise." Alice did not say her word, but now she no longer said it because a huge head and a big mouth have suddenly jumped out of the grass on the beach, and Alice suddenly descended here with a foul smell.
Alice was covered in a machine lamb’s heart, and she was annoyed … She went out of the oven to ask for a thousand careless things, but she made a note of what some guys explained. "Wanbei lizard is despicable, but it never talks about manners!
The iron-backed lizard’s attack is too fast. Since Alice blinks at the wrong time, the maw has bitten Alice.
Alice’s pupil contracted instantly, and Qin Chu was also surprised. As Alice said, this iron-backed lizard is good at hiding itself. When Qin Chu showed it, it was already attacking.
Qin Chu judged that Miss Alice, the red bear, could not escape from the maw of the iron-backed lizard. Qin Chu was about to make a move, but Ulu moved much faster than Qin Chu.
"Ulu roars and turns into a black wind. Suddenly, he rushes to push Alice, and then slaps a bear’s paw on the lizard’s mouth with iron back.
Ulu moves too fast, faster than an iron-backed lizard!
Alice felt a flower in front of her eyes, and then she got out of the most dangerous place in a daze. When she came to her senses, she was now where she had been. The little bear had knocked the six-meter-long iron-backed lizard aside.
Oh, my God, this little guy did this? How on earth did he do it?
How amazing the strength of the six-meter-long iron-backed lizard is when it bursts. Alice knows that she dare not fight hard because of herself! But at the moment, that smelly guy who is shorter than himself rushed in front and missed the attack of the iron-backed lizard?
This is beyond Alice’s cognitive range!
"Paralysis told you to bully my woman!" Ulu roared and stood up and jumped at it. What was it like? By the way, it was like a baby jumping at an adult’s mouth and cursing.
The iron-backed lizard was surprised and angry. It didn’t expect to come to Cheng Yaojin halfway. This Cheng Yaojin is still very strong. To tell the truth, Ulu’s divine power blow just now has no lethality for the rough-skinned iron-backed lizard, which makes it feel a little dizzy and painful. That’s all!
But until recently, no such little thing dared to do it to himself! This damn bear!
The iron-backed lizard suddenly turned around, its huge head suddenly lifted up and then slammed it hard! The face is the head of a lizard with a black iron back, which can break hard rocks!
Alice was surprised to see that Ulu was at a loss when she saw the iron-backed lizard pressing down. She just stared at the thin figure with a thought left in her heart. Can he still live?
He died to save me, "Alice thought bitterly."
"Bang!" There was a dull sound, and the head of the iron-backed lizard was lifted by Ulu, and the bear’s paw was propped on the head. Alice didn’t see a detail. Ulu’s feet were still so hard that she didn’t fall into soft soil because of the impact of powerful forces!
"Bastard, how do you want to die?" Ulu low smile this big guy strength is really great but can’t endure me!
Old natural claw druid insulted by your little reptile? This is a great shame!
Alice saw Ulu there with the lizard’s head on the iron back. This time, I came to my senses. I was desperate and rushed to help this guy. If he died, I would feel guilty! Alice thought so in her heart
When Alice roars, her body floats like a wave of red hair, and the strong flame power suddenly ripples. Alice’s limbs ignite orange flames, and the strong heat dries up the surrounding wet beach vertical scissors.
Alice’s huge body suddenly stood up and pounced on it from the side. Two powerful claws took a blazing flame and slapped it on the lizard’s body.
"Bang bang!" The magic flame is so powerful that the iron-backed lizard immediately feels terrible pain, and the severe pain makes it fierce. The strong body suddenly bends up, and the thick and powerful tail suddenly snaps and clicks, and the trees around the river bank are instantly shattered by the strong tail, and a strong wind blows against my face.
"hide quickly!" Alice crashed into Ulu.
After saying that Alice was hit by the head of an iron-backed lizard, she screamed and rolled backwards to the side. The trees along the way were broken and blood was scattered all the way.
The iron-backed lizard was overjoyed at Alice’s move, and its four paws pushed forward to bite Alice hard with its maw open.
Alice’s line of sight is a little hazy, but she can feel a monster coming at her side with a foul smell.
Is it finished?
News! "A roar from the forest suddenly sounded behind the iron-backed lizard.
Click click click!
Alice felt that her body was suddenly raised, and then she stabbed herself several times and got out in front of the iron-backed lizard. After the weak abdomen was pricked sharply, the iron-backed lizard was almost mad with severe pain!
Trembling, but "what iron-backed lizard is missing?"
Alice quickly regained consciousness and her sight became clear. She felt severe physical pain and obviously suffered a lot from her dirty work.
When she stood up, she was dumbfounded. Now she was on a five-meter-three-meter-high platform in Fiona Fang. This platform happened to be an iron-backed lizard that could not attack herself.
In front of him, a giant bear with a height of rice was holding an iron-backed lizard in its paw and slamming it on the ground. The original stab was smashed by the iron-backed lizard’s body. The giant brown bear swung the iron-backed lizard like a toy and slammed it into a tree. The iron-backed lizard had been smashed, and its body was flat, and its mouth was sprayed with red and black blood clots, and its internal parts were shattered!

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