The late Yuan Ying fix true person stare big eyes can’t believe watching a red iron bar pass through his belly, and even Yuan Ying was directly shattered.
"Huh?" Windson suddenly stood there.
After killing this man, Lin Feng wants to directly draw out a stick to kill several other masters. These people will die whether they don’t attack the Lins or they besiege themselves. Worse, they are still enemies. Lin Feng is not a softhearted person now.
However, windson suddenly smashed the man’s baby fragments into the iron bar a little bit, and the iron bar was trembling slightly, which seemed to enjoy the feeling.
Chapter 29 Changes of iron bars
Less than a lamp of tea, when Lin Feng just killed the man, Yuan Ying’s debris department was integrated into the iron bar, Lin Feng slowly drew out the iron bar and put it on his nose and took a deep breath. Lin Feng didn’t know that his consciousness made the opposite person even more chilling.
"He, he is not a person, I, we run!" The officer is full of horror, Lin Feng’s red eyes are full of blood, and the iron bar on his nose is really scary.
Officer strong roar a take the lead in flying out to escape instantaneous has long been frightened by windson sample these fix true person like flying out.
"Come back here!" Windson quickly flew forward and stretched out his hand and threw an iron bar straight towards the officer. The iron bar was extremely fast and the officer snorted and fell to the ground.
Windson didn’t expect that these enemies would run away after he killed one person. Yuan Ying’s flying speed is faster than that of external work. After Windson hit the official, more than 30 other people had already flown far away, and it was impossible to chase them.
"No, no, you can’t kill me. My dad is the chief officer of Hongyuan Valley. If you kill me, my dad will kill you!" Before windson came to the front of the officer, he withdrew his voice and hissed loudly. When windson approached, the officer had curled up and shook his body and dared not look up.
"Are you afraid of me?" Windson incredibly light a smile and then pulled out and inserted in the officer strong leg iron bar.
"Oh, don’t kill me, don’t kill me!"
Officer strong incredibly hands constantly struggling even yuan baby fix true person unique true force also don’t make so Siming grilled outward.
Windson gave me a little surprise. He is terrible now, but in terror, he can’t scare a Yuan infant fix true person like this.
"Come back here!" Windson jumped forward and lived in Guanjiang’s uninjured leg. When he threw it back, he dumped Guanjiang.
"Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!" Guan Qiang’s eyes are white. He has been in a coma. After speaking, he is conscious.
Windson eyebrows gradually condensed together. The exhibition has surprised him. Windson finds it hard to believe that he can scare a Yuan Ying fix true person to this extent. Those Yuan Ying fix true enemies who have seen in Lincheng are much better than them.
Suddenly, the stick in windson’s hand flew out of control and went straight into the official body-strengthening stick. The position was demonstrated.
Windson eyes lit up and immediately grabbed the iron bar at the other end. Sure enough, the iron bar was absorbing the officer’s strong broken baby, and this time it was absorbed faster than the second absorption in a few blink of an eye.
"Sure enough!" Lin Feng nodded his head, and the iron bar just absorbed the fix true Yuan Ying, which made Lin Feng feel very surprised. This time, the iron bar took the initiative to absorb a Yuan Ying, and Lin Feng didn’t feel proud of it. The iron bar in Lin Feng’s heart was his friend, a living friend. In fact, Lin Feng didn’t know it was an official. All this performance was also due to the iron bar.
Suddenly, the iron bars trembled again, absorbing two Yuan Ying’s iron bars, which turned into crimson. The whole ruins of the forest house were flushed with iron bars, and then the iron bars in Lin Feng’s hands disappeared and became the original ones.
"You are my friend no matter what!" Windson took the iron bar and flew for a while, and then left Star City. At this time, the sun slowly fell on the ruins of Lin Fu, and that red light became another star city, said another
Ying Tiancheng, the capital of Zhou Dynasty, is the most prosperous city of Tianhong 6-the bustling degree of merchants from all over the country is far from that of Star City.
It was the first time for Lin Feng to arrive in Yingtiancheng. After Lin Feng left Star City, he thought for a long time, and finally decided to come here first to find out a message. Lin Feng didn’t want to ask ordinary people how far they would hide when they encountered such a thing, and it wouldn’t be clear to ask them.
Actually, Lin Feng was still very confused in his heart. He was very afraid that his loved ones had been killed. However, Lin Feng carefully explored the body of Lin Fu that day, and there were no bodies of his current parents and three brothers. This is also his best hope at present.
The palace is one of the most important places in the mortal world, and Lin Fenglai should meet the needs of heaven and city, that is, this mortal world has great events. If any mortal can know the most clearly and know the fastest, I am afraid there is one here.
GAI, the emperor of the state of Zhou, was very depressed these days. He didn’t expect that the immortals would appear in large numbers, and he didn’t expect that the four great families who had been linked with immortals would be exterminated by these immortals first, and later attracted another group of immortals to fight with them.
The most terrible thing is that his Grand Zhou Palace almost became the battlefield of these immortals. The reason is that his son-in-law, grandson and mother are all here. When the immortals attacked the Lin House, they just came to visit the capital, thus avoiding a bullet, but they also led the war to the palace.
Fortunately, the Lins’ ancestors arrived to stop the catastrophe. GAI thought of the scene that day and felt terrible. Hundreds of people were flying in the palace. Zhou Yanke knew very well that everyone in it was enough to kill them all.
Now these immortals are in his palace. GAI has a bitter experience. He can’t say that he wants to make these immortals leave, but he dare not say it. GAI now regrets why he had to marry his daughter into the Lins. He GAI never imagined that Big Six has always had a top view of four big families and even had such a powerful enemy.
"What person!"
A loud roar of the palace immediately made GAI sit down on the ground with a bitter face. GAI hurried out to wait and see when I helped him. More than 20 people had already flown in the sky, and among them, there was a man dressed in bloody clothes.
Chapter 30 Blood feud
"Brother Feng, how can it be you?"
Among more than 20 people, there is Lin Feng’s fellow brother Lin Qianlin, who is Lin Zhan’s third disciple. He is a different type of Lin Yuanlin’s practice, and he is very hard and talented. He broke through to the level of refining yuan a long time ago, and he also took the initiative to come to Tianhong University this time.
"Lin Feng, you are Lin Feng. Why are you covered in blood?" The leader of more than 20 people is a young man who looks only two or three years older than Lin Feng. However, he is the direct brother of the four elders of the Lins in Tianhong University.
"Brother Feng, this is Uncle Linda!" Lin Qian quickly pulled up Lin Feng and said to Lin Feng that Lin Feng is very famous in the Lins, but there are still many people who have never seen him. Linda is one of them.
"Lin Feng has seen Uncle Linda!" Lin Feng bowed slightly. "Lin Feng came here after being besieged by more than 30 people in Star City and killing two people!"
"Hum those animals!" Linda snorted angrily, then looked at Lin Feng and sighed, "You are the strongest genius in our Lins’ family. Now that you have come, there are some things to let you know!"
"Come with us!" Linda sighed again before flying into the palace with more than twenty people.
The closer I got to the palace, the more nervous Lin Fengxin became. He just quietly asked Lin about the situation here, but Lin didn’t tell him. He told him that everything would be clear when he arrived.
The backyard of the palace is the royal garden. Two women are sitting by a pond, and their faces are full of sadness.
Windson recognized at a glance that the older woman was thinking about her mother day and night. Windson couldn’t stand it any longer and rushed directly to the front of two people.
Lin Fengchong came over but scared the two women straight back. After Lin Fengknelt and shouted, two people panicked and looked at Lin Fengchong.
"Wind, you are the wind, you are my wind!" Lin Feng’s mother’ Li Wanxin’ fiercely hugged Lin Feng for more than eleven years, and Li Wanxin recognized her son at a glance.
"Mom, it’s me. I’m back!" Windson held his mother’s leg and cried bitterly for so many days, worrying that it could finally be released. Lin Dailin and other Lin brothers watched them gently shake their heads and left their mother to meet here.
"Come back, my wind is back!" Lin Feng’s mother also cried sadly, and the woman next to Li Wanxin saw them crying and began to cry together.
"Mom, I’m back. Where’s Dad? Where’s Big Brother, Second Brother and Third Brother?" Windson stopped crying. He saw that his mother was fine and relaxed. Many spiritual knowledge was also searched in the palace. The spiritual knowledge of the palace was not enough. His spiritual knowledge could also search for 300 meters in Fiona Fang.
"Your father and your second brother and third brother …" Li Wanxin’s crying hurt even more. Lin Fengshen suddenly had a bad feeling.

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