On this day, the sun quietly came to the moonlight and sat beside them. I was just about to say something when I suddenly noticed that the male eyes were glazed over and suddenly turned white. This was a projection.
Tianyang gave this projection a sit-in and protection. Several people ordered this fraudulent time to show that Tianyang has the strength to be close to others.
Of course, this’ Tianyang’ has no legacy of Obsidian’s original furnace method, let alone driving.
He retained the power of sublimation, but because Tianyang projected himself, he was able to make Tianyang all the secrets.
"The dharma shows its qualitative ability, so it seems that there is a high probability that the dharma will show different gods. Even if it can show itself, it doesn’t make sense."
Hiding behind a tree and having changed his image by using the "Fog Ghost talisman", Tianyang made a new assessment of the ability of "fraud hand" and kept an eye on several people in Pan Da.
It’s not surprising that the devices are different. After all, that kind of’ time cheater’ is not up to the level of high-class black people who can get in touch with’ quality’.
"But it should be possible to show the Lord again." At this moment, Tianyang saw Pan Da and five players leaving the camp carrying three boxes respectively, and he immediately sank into the ground behind Pan Da and others.
After leaving the ruins, the terrain goes all the way here, which should have been a mountain peak. The swamp flooded most of the mountain, and the rest looks like a hill.
After bypassing a dry but rotten riverbed, the hunting party came to a magnificent building from decaying and collapsed buildings through layers of dark fog.
This building is just a huge thick stone gate with the sun and wings carved on it, which is nearly ten meters high.
It took Pan Da and another male player almost a minute to push the heavy door through a gap.
Instead of rushing into the building, they threw lanterns filled with starlight grass into the building. It was quiet to observe for a while and didn’t find a different hunting party before entering the door.
As early as before they entered the gate, they had confirmed that there was no danger in the building with the help of black fog and that Tianyang first stepped into the gate by taking advantage of the’ fog ghost amulet’ feature.
Behind this door is a not-so-big square with cracked towers, a main hall hidden in the dark, and various statues, complete or broken, that lead to the square verandah.
Tianyang, who was temporarily hidden underground, then’ looked’ through the black fog to Pan Da and others carrying metal boxes and entering the main hall through the square without hesitation.
Tianyang kept a certain distance from them and sneaked from the ground.
Chapter 1354 Sacrifice
When Pan Da and others went to the temple, kun yang strolled around with his hands behind his back and came to the dock slowly.
A hunter sitting cross-legged at the water’s edge by the dock is eating his own dry food, a kind of baked air-dried meat roll with unique flavor, which is almost a necessary food for hunting teams to go out.
Seeing the old man, the hunter smiled at the local language and said, "Would you like some?"
Kun yang, who has lived here for a long time, can understand the language here. He said with a smile, "I’m not hungry."
He pointed to the dock and said, "I left something on the boat just now. I’ll get it and come back."
The hunter waved and laughed. "Go ahead and be careful. Call me if you need anything."
"Good" didn’t carry an independent hair device and a gun. The old man jumped into a boat flexibly and easily, and soon came to the boat he had shared with Tianyang.
The old man bent down and looked like a boat looking for something. He turned his back to the shore, but the hunters reached out and touched the boat.
He felt the gel on the hull and drew back quietly, holding his nose and smelling it gently.
Kun yang frowned and took out a dagger. The captain scraped some gel and quietly took out a small tin-iron bottle of wine from his arms.
The old man bit the cork, dialed it, injected dagger gel into the bottle, and then pressed the cork back and put it in his pocket.
"What are you doing?"
Suddenly someone rang out from behind.
Kun yang got a fright, and the dagger fell into the water. He quickly got up and turned his head to see that the hunter who was eating at the dock just now didn’t know when to come, and the other side’s black gun was pointing at him.
The old man had a slight sweat stain on his forehead and listened to the hunter ask, "Did you find your things?"
Kun yang hurriedly said, "Found it."
"Oh," the hunter turned to it. "Go as soon as you find it. Don’t stay alone for too long."
"Good" old man hurriedly jumped off the dock after passing by him.
The hunter looked at the place where the old man dropped his dagger, but the water was calm by now, and nothing could be seen. He turned around and followed the shore.
If he examines it carefully at this time, he will find a piece of hull gel missing …
Cross the square and enter the main hall.
The sun quietly rises from the ground, which makes him breathe in the dark. Like a ghost, he establishes a connection with the black fog in the dark corner. He builds a model through the black fog, and you can see that the dome is supported by two rows of stone pillars here.
Those stone pillars are generally covered with cracks, and several of them have fallen, but the main body of the building remains intact, and the time erosion has not changed much.
At this time, a fire lit up in the depths of the hall. Pan Da’s hunters lit some braziers one after another, which made the light of the hall gradually light up and dispersed the darkness.
Looking up in the shadow of the sun, I saw murals on the dome and walls. They seemed to be a whole, bold in color and magnificent in weather
I don’t know what caused the pigment to pass so long and the color hasn’t changed much.
Tianyang first observed the murals on the surrounding walls, which painted many characters. They were dressed in bright and strange clothes, reading newspapers, resting in the shade, cooking food, writing music, painting on the walls and selling fruits …
These murals depict many lively and lively pictures of life, and the vivid characters in the paintings are calm, smiling, laughing or happy, which makes the whole mural reveal a kind of joy and joy as if there is no trace of sadness and anger in the world in the painting.

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