"This is qin home! All my property can be at home "Duan Yu fists clenched.
Her life’s possessions can be all Qin family’s. At this moment, the thunder will rob Qin family’s huge family, and I’m afraid it will be annihilated by fly ash.
"no! I will never allow anyone to destroy my family business! "
Duan Yu roared wildly.
It’s a pity that Duan Yuxiu is not tall, and how she growls won’t help.
"Her! Angry! Go! "
Qin Xiong glared at me. It’s important to save your life now, even if you have a lot of money, you have to have a life to spend.
Duan Yu turned a deaf ear.
Qin Xiongnai rushed to Duan Yu and wanted to take her away.
But it’s too late, and there’s no chance again.
"Boom …"
A thunderbolt first fell hard on Jiang Feng, and at the same time thundercloud Lei Guang fell hard.
This moment is full of thunder and lightning.
Qin Xiong can resist all the immortal energy to block the lightning robbery for his wife and daughter.
Arc beating was baptized by lightning robbery.
At this moment Jiang Feng has no time to ignore their eyes riveted on LeiJie ordinary people.
Others are awed and frightened. Jiang Feng is really greedy.
Chapter 35 Triple life and death
Jiang Feng’s body turns to heaven, and the metaphysics definitely runs to the extreme.
At the same time, the finger ring flashed slightly, and a fairy in ten thousand appeared in Jiang Feng’s hand.
This is the immortal fairy Qian Jiangfeng got from a alchemist.
Word Jiang Feng directly into the mouth.
Chew on it. If others see it, they will be furious.
The immortal fairy was swallowed so easily by this little one.
The burning sensation enters the abdomen along Jiang Feng’s throat.
Then I went into the limbs and felt like a direct explosion
Heaven can dissolve all immortal energy.
Lei Jie fell at the same time and severely split Jiang Feng’s body
"sting! Stab! "
Arc Jiang Feng kept beating outside his body, and his face showed a comfortable color.
Lei Jie kept shooting down one by one, and the potential was huge. I’m afraid others would have died already.
Three figures outside Lei Yun stand empty and slowly look at the center.
If Jiang Feng is sure to recognize them here.
It is Ziyang Xianzun Zhaoxian General and another one is Zhaoshuer.
"father! You said Jiang Feng eldest brother will be fine! ?” Zhao Shuer’s little face is very nervous.
Jiang Feng once saved her life and didn’t want to see him die in vain.
Trillion fairy will shake his head. He doesn’t know about the situation in Lei Yun Center. "If it is someone else, I’m sure it will never come alive."
Zhao Shuer’s face was very anxious when he heard this.
Trillion fairy will take it and say, "If it is this person, maybe he can really survive from the thunder robbery."
Ziyang xianzun was silent.
Looking around, the face is full of wry smile. "Who would have thought that this little Qin Fu breakthrough was really crazy?"
Ziyang Xianzun turned to Zhaoxian and bowed his hand.
"This time, fortunately, there is a trillion fairy who will help transfer the nearby fighters and the poor, otherwise it will be a catastrophe for my Ziyang Fairy City."
Ziyang Xianzun stood with a negative hand.
Even if they knew that Jiang Fengdan was too big, they didn’t expect it to be so big.
"Not daring, he expected that we would help him." Mega Fairy will also be very resistant, and finally look down upon this small one.
"What do you mean! ?”
Ziyang xian Zun bu suo
"Previously, I wondered that this small and generous gift to each of us just wanted us to owe him a favor."
"If he says let’s start work to solve the Qin family, we will definitely not agree."
Zhao Xian will carefully analyze Ziyang Xianzun and suddenly realize.
It turns out that this layout seems to be careless from the beginning, and they are all counted.
Jiang Feng didn’t succeed in this breakthrough.
If he succeeds, they won’t punish him. What a schemer!

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