"I didn’t expect this black blood sign to be so tube-like," I muttered to myself. "Going like this will soon become a ghost market."
"What the hell is a black blood charm?" Tang Yi dreamily said, "Is it black dog blood?"
"It’s black blood." I said "horse black blood."
"Human blood?" She sat up suddenly. "Tell me how to do that thing?"
"Take a cup of blood every day for three consecutive days." I said, "After taking blood, repair the body double charm every day for a total of three times."
"That’s the black blood symbol?" She asked
"No," I looked at the hillside. "Didn’t something happen when your family set up the monument? The root wouldn’t be broken, but your brother didn’t trust which horse was black, so he took this opportunity to crack the black blood symbol in the name of lotus flower disaster. It is estimated that the three body double symbols were buried in it, so that once his sorcery itself will bite the Tang family and he will be safe."
"Take people’s money to eliminate disasters." She smiled coldly. "This horse is poisonous enough. It’s fucking outrageous for him to take the disaster and ask Tang Jia to carry it himself!"
"Don’t scold me. It’s near your ancestral grave. Show some respect to your ancestors," I said.
"Oh," she nodded. "Hey? You still haven’t told me how to make that black blood symbol? "
"I really admire your persistence." I smiled. "Strictly speaking, the black blood symbol is not an operator, but a spell. It is a spell that digs a certain size of soil at a specific time and place and then pours blood into it while chanting the spell. The effect of bringing the blood into the wind and water with the spell is immediate. It is a combination of geomantic omen and witchcraft."
"White," she nodded. "When and where do you want to dig a few inches of soil?"
"I can’t tell you this, and I can’t tell you." I said, "Facing different people, different things and different situations, these are all changes. You didn’t tell you that the advanced technique is not a condom, but a prescription to take medicine, and the medicine is also changing …"
"The so-called constant force, constant shape, constant method and constant method of magic follow the laws of heaven … right?" She looked at me.
I didn’t say anything for a long time. "Don’t say this is also from the inside."
"You’re right. This is Lan Dali." She smiled smugly and looked at the hillside. "Hey, you look at it with relish, but why can’t I keep my eyes open?"
"I can show you if you want to see it." I took her hand. "But I’m afraid you’ll be scared."
"Let’s talk about it later." She looked at her watch. "When shall we go?"
"The gas field of black blood charm doesn’t reach its peak until haishi every day. Let’s touch it around 10: 30, and sometimes you can sleep if you can."
"Can’t you sleep when you’re done?"
"Yes, you have to wait until dawn after you finish it. If you fall asleep, your life will be in danger."
"Then get some sleep, too," she said softly.
"I can’t sleep and monitor the situation," I said. "Don’t worry, my health is better than yours. It’s not a big problem not to sleep for two or three days."
Tang Yi nodded and adjusted a seat cover. My coat soon fell asleep. This calmness is very admirable. People who are not blessed can’t do it. I can’t help feeling deeply when I thought of this. Tang Jia is really a strange family father. Two people who believe in witchcraft are calculating people to be ruthless, but Pan Ying and Tang Yi are both very good. Mrs. Wang thinks that if it weren’t for this woman and this girl, I’m afraid Tang Jia can’t get through this time. This is also an act of God.
Time flies. It’s past ten before you know it.
I gently woke her up, woke her up, took a nap, and got ready to go with me.
"How can I get my blood later?" She rubbed her eyes and asked
"Bite your middle finger," I said
She tried to bite. "No, it hurts too much. I won’t bite, or you will bite?"
"Women are not afraid of pain, otherwise how can they have children?" I smiled.
"Don’t worry, I will choose to show it to you when I am pregnant," she said lightly. "But I can’t bear to kill my fingers with my fingers, don’t you think? Why don’t you help me? "
"I really can’t help this," I said. "How about this? It depends. If you really can’t do it, I’ll be welcome."
"hmm!" She leaned over to me and looked at the face. "How much is the elder brother’s face?"
"It seems that there are about three or four hundred." I couldn’t help but look at her. "What perfume you have is really fragrant."
"What, are you thinking about buying a bottle for sister Ye Huan?" She asked cunningly
"She … she doesn’t. I’m just curious. It’s a little strange that I didn’t smell it when I held you before it was refreshing."
"I never wear perfume." She gave me a look. "It’s a natural scent. It comes every time I wake up. I don’t know what’s going on."
"That’s not right. I didn’t smell it earlier." I wondered.
"I took a shower before you got up. Of course you can’t smell it." She patted me. "Hey, hey, don’t digress. Seriously, what do you think is that black shadow over there?"
"Can you see the shadows?"
"I’m surprised, too. I saw it anyway." She pointed to the left of the graveyard. "Then you quietly."
When I looked intently, I couldn’t help but be stunned. "Fuck it!"
"Who is it?" She asked curiously
"The old lady in black" I said.
Tang Yi’s face turned white with a swish. "Again … again … didn’t you say it had been eliminated?"
"The Mountain Ghost has seven doppelgangers and can be scattered seven times," I explained. "But this one is a bit special. It doesn’t look like it has been beaten."
"That how to do? Can you use the divination mirror? " She’s a little anxious.
"Don’t panic and listen to me slowly," I comforted her. "The divination mirror can naturally last for a second, but in that case, I’m afraid these hundreds of spirits will suffer. We can’t do this, and doing that will probably affect your luck after the Tang Dynasty."
"then do you have any other way?" She looked at me ~ ~ ~
"Don’t worry," I smiled. "Although the face spirit is more interested in you, there is no hurry for the old lady in black to draw it away from the ancestral grave nine feet away, so we can let go."
"Brother, how many old ladies in black are staring at me?" She is worried about asking
"I also feel a little strange about this. Supposedly, there are at most one or two ghosts in this mountain, but this is already the third one." I thought about it. "Presumably, there are thousands of ancient tombs in dozens of miles in Fiona Fang, and it is a noble tomb with a high level. Mountain ghosts are different from mountain spirits where there are ancient tombs, and their strength will be very strong, and they can reach three in total. That means that the ancient tombs near here should be at least a vassal level."
"I see." She was relieved. "Brother, can you find the location of the tomb?"
"It should be," I suddenly understood. "The three mountain ghosts are exactly the same. Are they made by guarding the tomb?" Gugou muba
"Will the town things turn into ghosts in the mountains?" She asked
"If it’s a large array of feng shui aura for a long time, the town may turn into a ghost." I wanted to think, "But if it’s just the yin around the tomb and the chaotic atmosphere, if there are mountain spirits or spiritual bodies, it may generate mountain spirits …" I patted my forehead. "I understand the name of mountain spirits, which means tomb guards! This is an idea. Let’s hurry up and I’ll show you a good show … "
The second black blood symbol
When I got out of the car, I took her hand and walked slowly to a place about 30 meters away from Tangjiazu grave.
"Will they see us?" Tang Yi is a little worried.
"Not for a while now," I said softly. "I’ll show you them now. Don’t talk nonsense. I’ll tell you when to talk."
"hmm!" Evaluate the good fortune and counter the rubbish.
I walked behind her and she fixed a symbol on her back and patted it in. "Close your eyes and let you open your eyes again."
She obeyed, closed her eyes and looked a little nervous
I looked at the old lady in black and gently pressed Tang Yi’s waist with both hands. Tang Yi was shivering and wanted to struggle.
"Don’t move and meditate" I whispered in her ear.
She took a gentle breath and nodded, and quickly became quiet.

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